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How to Grapple in High On Life

High on Life
Image via Squanch Games

How to Grapple in High On Life

Time to get higher in High on Life.

High on Life, the newest game from Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, is a first-person shooter taking place in space, and the guns can actually talk to you. It also features tons of platforming where a grappling hook is needed. To execute this feature correctly, you’re going to need to know a few things about how to grapple in High on Life. So let’s begin.

Grappling in High on Life

High on Life
Image via Squanch Games

To grapple in High on Life, you have to find a ledge or flying bug that will let you grapple onto it. These appropriate surfaces will be indicated with a bright blue circle with the LB button inside of it. Press the LB button and your character will swing forward and up in the direction you were facing.

Not every surface can be grappled onto, though players will be able to create their own grapple platforms with a gun obtained later in the game. Players also do not have the ability to grapple at the start of High on Life. The ability comes during the player’s first bounty mission against Torg-9 located in Blim City Slums.

You get entangled in a somewhat nonchalant arms deal for a weapon called Knifey, a talking knife, which inevitably goes bad. The player obtains Knifey following the conversation prompts, and the new weapon becomes your melee attack and doubles as a grappling hook which is necessary to complete the first bounty.

That is how to grapple in High on Life. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more coverage of High on Life, including if there is multiplayer or co-op and other guides below.

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