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Grand Piece Online: GPO Fruits Tier List (Update 10)

Dark-Dark fruit enjoyers, unite!

Whether you’re sweating in PvP or tryharding bosses, having a specific fruit to counter your enemy can make your Grand Piece Online experience a whole lot better. To help you decide which one to use, we prepared the ultimate GPO fruits tier list. Scroll down, and let’s get started, shall we?

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Grand Piece Online (GPO) Fruits Tier List

S+ Tier GPO Fruits

  • Pteranodon — King’s fruit is breaking Grand Piece Online in its current state. The combos are extremely easy to pull off, and they keep your opponent locked for a long time. Plus, the damage is pretty solid, making it good for PvE, too.
  • Mochi — It was hit with a few nerfs this patch, but it’s still one of the best all-around fruits in the game. It does well in literally every mode, and its moves and combos are easy to learn.
  • Venom — They nerfed it in this patch, but it isn’t enough. The DoT your attacks apply is stupidly strong. Plus, you get stun immunity against most attacks. If we exclude the Pteranodon, it might be the best fruit in the game at the moment.
  • Tori — Similar to Ope, Tori is extremely good for PvP, especially now that its M1 was buffed. Also, it’s solid for Impel Down and Dungeons, making it much better than Ope PvE-wise.
  • Buddha — One of the best fruits for solo PvE. It’s also amazing for PvP due to its easy combos, high survivability, and stuns/combo breaks.

S Tier GPO Fruits

  • Mera — One of the best PvE fruit in the game due to its great flight, wide AoE, and superb DoT damage. Plus, it is fairly solid for PvP, though you’ll need to use it in combination with a fighting style.
  • Hie — Combo break on almost every move and insane stun durations. Ice is simply one of the best PvP fruits in the game. Plus, it’s not half-bad for PvE, either.
  • Pika — One of the best PvE fruit in the game due to its insane Light Ray damage, which you can spam uninterrupted. However, it kind of lacks in the PvP department compared to other legendary/mythic fruits.
  • Gura — Similarly to Hie, Gura has a block break on each one of its moves, making it perfect for PvP. Plus, it has high burst damage that will help you make fights as short as possible. The only thing it lacks is mobility.
  • Magu — Another contender for the spot of the best PvE fruit. With it, you can reliably solo the Sea Serpent and the Kraken; the water-walking, big AoE, and high damage allow for that. However, PvP isn’t its strong side, as anyone who knows how to PB can easily outplay you.
  • Goro — It has high base damage, AoE, and good combo potential. Its only weakness are its kind of long cooldowns. Otherwise, it’s an all-around beast.

A Tier GPO Fruits

  • Ope — It’s really strong for PvP with its versatile move set and the recent buffs. However, it is virtually useless for grinding, except for the Colosseum. It might be the worst mythic fruit in GPO.
  • Yuki — An overall solid fruit that does well for anything but Sea Serpent/Kraken (too low range). It’s also extremely beginner-friendly due to its simple move set.
  • Yami — It has a very low range compared to other fruits, which makes it terrible for grinding Sea Serpent/Kraken. However, it works well for all other modes, especially PvP, because of its block breakers and combo potential.
  • Kage — It has a very low range, and it’s only good for PvP/Dungeons. Also, it has very short windups on its skill animations, making it feel very athletic. So, if you want that, it might be the perfect fruit for you.
  • Bomu — Bomu is one of the best, if not the best, fruits you can use for grinding. It has very high base damage, and if you build it right, you can reliably one-shot bosses with Self-Destruct. Its movement is also good.
  • Zushi — Gravity Pull is one of the best combo extend moves in the games, and its whole kit is very well designed for PvP. It’s also pretty solid for PvE.
  • Suna — One of the best fruits you can use to deal with the factory core. Plus, its easy-to-hit skills make it beginner-friendly and a solid overall PvP choice, especially for BR.
  • Ito — An extremely good PvP fruit. It has low cooldowns, multiple combo extenders, and an easy guard break. However, it is abysmally bad for PvE in general.

B Tier GPO Fruits

  • Paw — The race between Kage, Yami, and Paw for the worst legendary is tight, but I think that Paw wins it, and therefore I’ve put it in B tier.
  • Mero — Even though it’s not good for bosses, Mero more than compensates with its PvP and NPC farming prowess; it has low cooldowns, high damage, and most moves stun, allowing you to extend combos easily.
  • Gomu — BR is where Gomu shines because it’s meant to be used on land, and it hits hard. It takes a lot of skill to use it effectively, though, as your aim needs to be on point.
  • Bari — Fairly underrated fruit that can perform both in PvE and PvP; it really depends on how accurate you are with it. Also, it’s still the only defensive fruit in the game, and if you are in a party with enough DPSs, having it can come in clutch.
  • Yomi — A lot better than Bane for PvP, but still a bit underwhelming considering its rarity. Also, it’s terrible for grinding anything outside of the 1st Sea.

C Tier GPO Fruits

  • Spin — Extremely easy to get and actually okay for PvP. Its move set is fairly limited, but all deal damage and can be used as combo extenders.
  • Horo — Horo is pretty mediocre both in PvP and PvE. Still, a very good player can make it work.
  • Bane — It can be useful for PvP due to its easy-to-chain combos. However, considering that it’s an Epic, I don’t think it deserves a higher ranking.

D Tier GPO Fruits

  • Kilo — It has mobility and can be fun to use. However, while your ulti is on cooldown, it is virtually useless.
  • Suke — The invisibility can be neat in BR, but otherwise, it’s very bad. The only damage move it has is weak and scales poorly. Plus, there are ways to counter the invisibility.
  • Chiyu — The only healing fruit in GPO, except for Phoenix. You can use it to support your team in BR, but otherwise, it’s pretty bad.

That does it for our GPO fruits tier list. Absorbing all the above information can take a while. However, it is necessary if you want to take your gameplay up a notch. If you want to do so in other Roblox experiences as well, check out the Roblox section on our website.

Also, if you want to try out some other One Piece-inspired titles, I wholeheartedly suggest King Legacy and Legacy Piece. Their gameplay is fairly similar to GPO. However, both have their quirks, which is why so many fans prefer them.

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