Genshin Impact: How to Get & Use Electro Sigils

Just in case you needed something else to farm.

If you’re wondering how to get and use Electro Sigils in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll go over the few different ways you can get them, and what they should be spent on in the game.

Getting Electro Sigils in Genshin Impact

As the name suggests, Electro Sigils can only be obtained in the Electro-themed region in the game. That is, they can only be acquired by completing activities in Inazuma. Almost everything you do in the Inazuma region will reward you with Electro Sigils, and we’ve listed all the ways you can get them down below:

  • By upgrading the Statues of the Seven
  • By opening treasure chests
  • By opening the Shrines of Depths
  • By completing the Temari Challenge

Just like in the other regions in Genshin Impact, there are a few Statues of the Seven in Inazuma. By collecting Anemos that you see scattered around the region, you can offer them up to the Statues, level them up, and be rewarded with some Electro Sigils.

Similarly, opening chests and the Shrines of Depths, as well as completing various Domains will also reward you with Sigils. Finally, by talking to Kid Kujirai and completing his timed Temari challenges, you’ll also be able to get a good number of Sigils along the way.

How to Use Them

Like everything else in Genshin Impact, Electro Sigils are a means to getting even better rewards like Hero’s Wits, Resin, and Mora. Go to the Sacred Sakura located in the Inazuma region and interact with it, then offer up your Electro Sigils to level it up.

genshin impact electro sigils

With each level increase, you’ll be rewarded with various resources that can help with upgrading your characters and leveling them up. You’ll need a total of 25 Electro Sigils to level it up fully, and after that point, you can spend your Sigils elsewhere for other cosmetic items.

Souvenir Shop Rewards

After you’ve leveled up the Sacred Sakura to level 50, you can then turn in your Electro Sigils to the Souvenir Shop in Inazuma for even more goodies. We’ve listed all the available items for exchange down below:

Otogi Wood Granary Cart5 Electro Sigils
Simple Otogi Workshop5 Electro Sigils
Camp Bonfire: Glorious Clarity5 Electro Sigils
Camp Barricade: Taking Sides5 Electro Sigils
Scarlet Torii Gate: Way of Restoration10 Electro Sigils
Maple Wood Tanuki10 Electro Sigils
Maple Wood White Kitsune10 Electro Sigils
Shrine Statue: Seirai Ward10 Electro Sigils
The Bamboo’s Call10 Electro Sigils
Ancestral Sword Rack: Iron Sharpens Iron20 Electro Sigils
Coral Branch of a Distant Sea2 Electro Sigils
Narukami’s Wisdom2 Electro Sigils
Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant2 Electro Sigils
Mora x10,0002 Electro Sigils

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Electro Sigils in Genshin Impact. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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