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Genshin Impact Best Arlecchino Build

Melt your enemies away

Arlecchino, alias The Knave, descends upon Teyvat in Genshin Impact version 4.6. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to craft the best Genshin Impact Arlecchino build, allowing you to melt away any obstacle in your path.

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How to Build Arlecchino in Genshin Impact

Wielding a polearm and commanding the power of Pyro, this upcoming 5-star character is shaping up to be a ruthless damage dealer. 

  • Weapon: Crimson Moon’s Semblance (5-Star)
    • Alternative: Staff of Homa, Primordial Jade-Winged Spear, Staff of the Scarlet Sands, Deathmatch, Dragon’s Bane, Blackcliff Pole
  • Artifact Set: Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy (to be released in patch 4.6)
    • Main Stats:
      • Flower – HP
      • Plume – Attack
      • Sands – ATK%
      • Goblet – Pyro Damage %
      • Circlet – CRIT Rate or CRIT Damage 
    • Secondary Stats: Energy Recharge, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, or ATK%
  • Constellation: C1
  • Talent Priority: Normal Attack > Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst

How to Get Arlecchino

During Phase 1 of Genshin Impact 4.6, Arlecchino will be a 5-star featured character on her The Hearth’s Ashen Shadow Banner. Players will have to spend Intertwined Fates for a chance to pull Arlecchino. There’s a guaranteed 5-star pull at 90 with a 50/50 chance to get the featured character. So save up your Primos and Intertwined Fates for a chance to add this powerful 5-star Pyro Polearm user and Fatui Harbinger to your party.

Arlecchino Abilities

Arlecchino’s gameplay revolves around a unique mechanic called Bond of Life. When this Bond reaches a certain threshold of her maximum HP, her Normal Attacks become infused with Pyro, boosting her damage and entering the Masque of the Red Death state.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino polearm attack animation
Image Source: Hoyoverse

This state steadily drains Bond of Life while increasing attack power. Her Elemental Skill, All is Ash, deals Pyro damage and afflicts enemies with Blood-Debt Directive, dealing Pyro damage over time. Charged Attacks and Elemental Bursts that hit enemies with this debuff generate Bond of Life. The Elemental Burst, Balemoon Rising, unleashes Pyro AoE damage, resets the cooldown of All is Ash, and heals Arlecchino based on her Bond of Life. 

Arlecchino Best Weapons

Like other five-star characters, Arlecchino’s best weapon is her signature polearm, Crimson Moon’s Semblance. This weapon prioritizes Critical Rate as its main stat, perfectly complementing Arlecchino’s damage potential. Beyond the base Attack increase of 20%, Crimson Moon’s Semblance empowers Arlecchino’s Elemental Skill, All is Ash.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Elemental Burst animation
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Whenever characters in your party collect Elemental Shards from Crystallize reactions triggered by Arlecchino, her Elemental Skill damage gets a boost. As alternatives, Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is otherwise an excellent substitute. Deathmatch and  Dragons’s Bane are her best 4-star options.

Arlecchino Best Artifacts

For her artifact set, Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy (released alongside Arlecchino) reigns supreme. This 4-piece set offers a flat 18% Attack boost and a unique buff whenever Arlecchino’s Bond of Life fluctuates (increases or decreases). This buff can stack up to three times and grants bonus damage, making Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy perfectly tailored to Arlecchino’s playstyle.

Arlecchino Best Constellations

If you manage to obtain duplicates of Arlecchino (Constellations), aim for her C1 Constellation, ‘All Reprisals and Arrears Are Mine to Bear…’. This Constellation empowers Masque of the Red Death by 100%. Additionally, Arlecchino’s interruption resistance is increased when she performs Normal Attacks while affected by the Masque of the Red Death.

Arlecchino Best Talents

Coming to talents – Arlecchino’s Normal Attacks are her main source of damage and are therefore the most important talent to level. Before investing boss materials in the other skills, plan on leveling Normal Attacks up to ten. From that point on, her burst (Bale Moon Rising) and skill (All Is Ash) are almost equal, with her skill being the more valuable talent because you might not always burst on every rotation.

Arlecchino Best Team Comp

For her best team comp, try to juice her Bond of Life Mechanic. Arlecchino’s unique kit, centered around the Bond of Life mechanic, prevents her from receiving healing during combat. To compensate for this, a Shielder becomes crucial for her survival. This naturally positions her as the main damage dealer (DPS) in any team she joins.

  • Arlecchino (Main DPS): Focused Pyro Damage with her normal attacks.
  • Xingqiu (Sub DPS): Provides consistent Hydro, enabling powerful Vaporize reactions. Alternatives include Yelan or Furina for similar Hydro comps.
  • Bennett (Support): While his healing may be less impactful due to Arlecchino’s limitations, his Attack buffs significantly enhance her damage output. Kazuha can be another option for this role. 
  • Zhongli (Support): Provides the essential shields to keep Arlecchino alive. Additionally, he can shred enemy defences, further amplifying her damage. For a 4-star alternative, Layla offers similar shielding and introduces the Cryo element for potential team reactions.

That covers everything you need to know about the best build for Arlecchino. For more Genshin Impact content, you can check out our guide on the best Genius Invokation Decks you should try during your next match!

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