Fortnite Wreck Ravine & Rocky Wreckage Locations (Week 13 Challenge)

Fortnite Wreck Ravine & Rocky Wreckage Locations (Week 13 Challenge)

It is a little frustrating that Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage aren't marked on the map.

Weekly Challenges that use landmarks rather than named locations are tricky, as the landmarks aren’t noted anywhere on the map by name. Fortunately, we have extensive knowledge of the game and are happy to help you find either to get through one of the week 13 quests for that sweet XP. Here’s where Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage are on the map.

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Where Are Wreck Ravine & Rocky Wreckage in Fortnite

Wreck Ravine

This is the only one of the two that existed last season. If you followed last season’s Resistance questline, you had to visit Wreck Ravine for the white filing cabinet quest. While the area that used to be Command Cavern turned into Rave Cave, it didn’t spread far enough to affect Wreck Ravine.

You can find it here on your map, just slightly north of Rave Cave.

Fortnite Wreck Ravine on Map

It’s a canyon full of trash and debris left over from the map change that started Chapter 3 Season 1. You’ll have to use a junk rift here to complete the related weekly challenge, and whatever it drops will feel right at home.

The Look of Wreck Ravine From Above

Rocky Wreckage

As said, Rocky Wreckage is an entirely new landmark for Chapter 3 Season 3. It exists as the skeleton of one of the airships that were hovering above important named locations in Chapter 3 Season 2.

You can find it here on the map, it’s this big splash of color in an otherwise brown desert.

Rocky Wreckage on Map

Thanks to some of the surviving airship structure and the vibrant colors, it is hard to miss Rocky Wreckage.

Rocky Wreckage

This is your only other option for places to use the junk rift. While the bounds of the area are a little vague, if you drop it from where we are standing in the screenshot, you should be fine.

With those found, you should have yet another challenge finished and now know all about where Wreck Ravine and Rocky Wreckage are on the map. In big Fortnite news, today we got our first teaser image for Chapter 3 Season 4.

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