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Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 7 Update Size for PlayStation, Xbox, & PC

Here comes the snow!

Another Fortnite OG season has dropped and we are ready to jump in! The Chapter 4 Season 7/8 download will be different sizes depending on the platform you play so how many gigabytes will we have to spare? Find out the Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 7 update size for Playstation, Xbox, and PC below!

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Fortnite OG Season 7 Update Size for All Platforms

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The new weekly update has arrived and as soon as downtime ends you can hop into a Battle Royale. This latest update is a decent size for what is assumed to be a standard update but each platform differs slightly. So if you are wondering exactly how much you will need to download the Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 7 update you can find your platform right here.

  • Playstation: 5GB aprox
  • Xbox: 4.83GB
  • PC: 10GB aprox

Make sure you have enough space on your device and turn on automatic updates so you won’t have to wait too long when the new season drops! Remember the servers are always super busy and you may not be able to jump into a game straight away. Be patient but keep trying and eventually you will see your old favorite POIs, weapons, and vehicles again.

What Will Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 7 Bring?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 7 is bringing new skins including the secret battle pass skin, classic Chapter 1 season 7/8 snow biome, new landmarks and pirate-themed drop points, as well as a whole host of your favorite weapons. The old minigun is coming back along with a fan favorite the quadlauncher. If you have been missing some of the weapons of seasons gone by then you are almost certainly going to see them in this Chapter 4 Season 7 update!

The return of items like the pirate cannons and poison dart traps are guaranteed and we just cannot wait! This is going to be a season of explosive fun and continued nostalgic pleasure for many of us.

For more Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 7 hints and tips check out our guides below.

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