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FIFA 23 Squad Battles Rewards: Release Time, How to Get Better Rewards & How to Claim Them

Rack up easy FUT rewards against the AI!

FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards don’t tend to be as lucrative as its Division Rivals and FUT Champs equivalents, but they’re a nice little bonus and are far easier to get. As such, if you’ve wrapped up your Division Rivals and Champs games for the week, you might want to start playing the single-player mode to earn a few extra packs and Coins. In this guide, we’ll run you through Squad Battles rewards release times, how to get better rewards and how to claim them in-game.

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What Is Squad Battles?

Squad Battles was introduced into Ultimate Team a few years ago now, and is a single-player mode where you’ll use your team to play against other players’ Ultimate Teams, controlled by the AI.

FIFA 23 will select a number of random teams from other players around the world. The better you perform, the more points you’ll earn for that game.

You can play 40 games against other players’ teams, as well as one against a ‘Featured’ team, and another against the ‘Team of the Week‘ for that week.

How to Get Better Squad Battle Rewards in FIFA 23

You’ll have 40 Squad Battles matches to complete — excluding the two aforementioned promotional teams made available — each week to earn points. The more points you earn, the better your Rank in the weekly competition.

Each Rank can only hold a certain percentage of players competing in Squad Battles that week. To get the highest rank, you’ll need to earn more Battle Points than other players in that week’s competition.

You can check what rewards you’re set to earn from Squad Battles by checking the ‘Leaderboard’ tab within the Squad Battle mode’s menus.

To maximize your weekly points total, make sure that you’re playing both the Featured and Team of the Week teams each week. These will net you a significant amount of points per match, regardless of how you perform against them. As such, we recommend making these your first port of call in Squad Battles each week.

Next, we suggest getting the right difficulty for your own skill level. While it’s tempting to play at the highest difficulty setting of Legendary, as the potential points for each game is higher, if you lose these games 5-0 because the AI is too difficult, you’ll earn less than if you play on Semi-Pro and win 5-0.

As such, you want to get the difficulty just right. Find a balance where you can comfortably win most games without it being too low to the point you’re missing out on additional potential points from higher-difficulty settings.

In addition to that, you want to make sure that you’re scoring up to 5 goals (after five, you don’t earn additional points for goals scored), and keep a clean sheet. The more goals you concede, the more points will be deducted from your total. Avoid getting yellow and red cards, too, as these will deduct points.

Finally, try and dominate possession in the game, too. While it doesn’t make as big a difference to the points earned, the more possession, the more points you’ll get. Every little helps, after all!

FIFA 23 Squad Battle Rewards Release Time

At the end of a week, on Sunday, players’ Squad Battles points are totaled and their rewards are determined.

FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards will be distributed either Sunday evening or in the early hours of Monday morning, depending on which time zone you’re in around the world.

Keep in mind that players in the UK and the rest of Europe will have to wait until the early hours of Monday to claim their rewards.

How to Claim Squad Battles Rewards

After the times noted in the table above go live, login to Ultimate Team and you should see a tile saying ‘Your Squad Battle Rewards are Ready to be Claimed.’ Select this tile and press A/X and follow the on-screen instructions to claim your packs. Any Coins you’ve earned will automatically be credited to your account.

With your packs redeemed, head over to the ‘Store’ tab in Ultimate Team and you’ll find all of your pack rewards waiting to be opened.

That’s everything you need to know on Squad Battles rewards in FIFA 23. Now, go grind out those dubs against the computer and bolster your weekly rewards in Ultimate Team! If you’re looking for more guides on the game, be sure to check out the links below. We’ve got detailed coverage on all Icons in FIFA 23, how the chemistry system works in FIFA 23, preload and unlock time details, and how crossplay works, too.

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