Fallout 4 Power Armor

Fallout 4 Power Armor Locations: Where to Get One

Where to Get a Power Armor in Fallout 4

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Fallout’s iconic power armor is available in no short supply throughout the map of The Commonwealth, but there’s more than just a single type – T-45, T-51, T-60, X-01 – and often components are scattered around different areas.

Here, we’ve compiled a handy list of where you can locate all the different Power Armors throughout Fallout 4.

Keep in mind that power armor pieces are only wearable when installed over a power armor frame, and for the armor to work you will need to install a fusion core.

Complete power armor sets will still require that you have a fusion core to operate. No training is required to operate power armor in Fallout 4, as it was in previous Fallout games.

Companions can be instructed to wear them by using the Talk command and selecting “Enter Power Armor” when the crosshair is facing the suit.

The below descriptions refer to static suits and pieces of power armor, but they can also be obtained by pickpocketing fusion cores from enemies wearing a suit.

Enemies will immediately abandon power armor that no longer has a core to power it.


  • 35 Court – On the top of the court (west of Custom House Tower), guarded by a Sentry Bot and an Assaultron. The frame is in a locked room that opens when the red buttons in the room that houses the robots are pressed. Both robots will automatically self-destruct if the player character gains the Hidden status after releasing them, leaving the power armor completely unguarded. Full X-01 set at level 28, MK II at level 32, MK III at level 47 and above.
  • Atom Cats Garage – Zeke’s frame is a non-owned frame. Zeke can be forced to exit the frame by destroying or pickpocketing the fusion core.
  • Big John’s Salvage – At a military checkpoint just south of the salvage, northwest of Jamaica Plain and southeast of Relay Tower 0SC-527. Guarded by a Mister Gutsy. Partial set of T-51 power armor at level 30, partial set of X-01 at level 31.
  • Bradberton Overpass – There is a near-complete set at the Gunners Base, with parts up to and including X-01 Mk VI. One of the Gunners may enter it if alerted, resulting in the most heavily armored human enemy in the game. A second frame is worn by a Gunner and is a non-owned frame that does not respawn if collected or if the character is killed while wearing it.
  • Brooke’s Head Lighthouse – Southwest of the lighthouse there is a small shack with an empty power armor frame next to a power armor stand. The shack is very close the lift used to get down from the lighthouse.
  • Cave (Glowing Sea) – Between the Vertibird wreckage and Skylanes Flight 1665. It’s beside the corpse of an unnamed raider and spawns as a full set of raider power armor.
  • College Square – A frame can be found on the top of the double-layered overpass highway, triangulated in between College Square, Graygarden, and the Corvega Assembly Plant. Fast travel to Graygarden and head east; you should see a small yellow lift that can connect to the second layer of the overpass. There is a crashed vertibird hanging over the edge with a full set of leveled power armor standing next to it.
  • Covenant – Underwater next to a crashed Vertibird in the northern end of the lake near Covenant. Most of the Vertibird is submerged, with only a small part of the tail section visible above water. The partial set of T-45 power armor is on the right-hand side of the aircraft. By level 31 it has a partial T-51 set.
  • Drumlin Diner – South of the diner, west of Corvega Assembly Plant, near a destroyed train, behind a sealed security gate that can be opened via an Advanced-locked terminal. Appears to be fixed as partial or complete set of T-45 power armor.
  • Dry Rock Gulch – To the west of Dry Rock Gulch, on top of a flatbed truck on the road near the parking lot exit. The truck is part of a column with two APCs. The armor itself is easily visible from quite some distance away and guarded by a pack of leveled ghouls. Full X-01 set at level 28, MK II at level 32, MK III at level 47 and above.
  • Federal Ration Stockpile – Outside the green container in front of the stockpile. Armor type will spawn depending on player level. One of the resident raiders may enter the armor if alerted. Allowing the raider to use the armor will let the player character kill and loot the armor pieces and then have the power armor frame and new parts respawn later. This is, therefore, one of the few places to get respawning power armor.
  • Federal Surveillance Center K-21B – Under the abandoned shack inside the Glowing Sea. Possible full set of X-01 power armor before level 35; guaranteed partial set of X-01 power armor at level 35.
  • Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates – In a locked trailer to the east of Fort Hagen. The trailer can be opened with the key found inside a Novice-locked safe within the office building near the pool, or by picking the Master difficulty door lock. Partial set of T-60 at level 30 to 43; X-01 at level 37.
  • Fort Hagen hangar – Can be found between two expert locked gates, between the tank room and shelved radioactive barrels. Full set of X-01 at level 28. The armor pieces appear to max out at X-01 Mark III.
  • Fort Strong – Inside a small building behind a locked door near the end of the bridge to the fort. This set is level-dependent with X-01 at level 31.
  • Goodneighbor – During the quest The Big Dig for Bobbi No-Nose, in an optional side-passage that can be drilled by the robot. Frame has parts up to X-01 at level 70.
  • Greater Mass Blood Clinic – In a warehouse with four power armor stations south of the clinic. Partial set of T-60 power armor at level 29-43, partial set of X-01 at level 50.
  • Greater Mass Blood Clinic – Standing at a military checkpoint under a billboard southeast of Greater Mass blood clinic and northwest of Mass Pike Interchange (just walk straight between the two locations, the checkpoint is on the road in between). Partial set of T-60 power armor at level 29-35, with T-60b at level 43.
  • Jamaica Plain – In a small body of water between JP and Neponset Park, under the highway overpass and in front of a partially sunken APC. Note the suit may be sunken out of sight. Partial set of X-01 power armor at level 30-31, with partial set of X-01 MkIII at level 43.
  • Lake Cochituate – Just off the road at the southwest shore, at a military checkpoint directly south of Natick Police Department and Natick Banks. At the edge of the radioactive zone you will find an unguarded suit in the open. At level 20 through 40 an almost full set of X-01 (torso and three other random pieces) can be found. Beware of numerous Deathclaws in the vicinity.
  • Mass Gravel & Sand – Inside of a cage at a military checkpoint east of this location and west of Wattz Consumer Electronics. It is locked by an Advanced-level terminal. Partial set of T-51 power armor at level 28-34.
  • Mass Pike Interchange – Can be found on top of the interchange. There is a yellow elevator below that will take player character to a gunner camp, the power armor can be found in a station near the south end next to a turret. The Gunner commander may enter the power armor during combat. Allowing the enemy to use the armor will let the player character kill and loot the armor pieces, and then have the power armor frame and new parts respawn. T-51 at level 15-20. T-60 at level 21-52. Follows rules for Leveled Frames, except it would appear that area level prevents X01 armor from appearing.
  • Morton Residence – In the garage. Can be accessed through a sewer pipe due west, close to a large yellowish puddle. Three to four random pieces up to and including X-01 Mk VI at very high levels.
  • Murkwater Construction Site – West of the site in the southernmost swamp, just west of the sunken barn, mostly submerged, beside a crashed Vertibird, guarded by a Mr. Gutsy. Partial set of X-01 power armor at level 40.

  • Museum of Freedom (Concord) – Can be found on the roof during When Freedom Calls. This is always a complete set of T-45 power armor in mediocre condition. If not acquired during the quest due to having arrived clad in power armor already, the suit can be collected later by traversing the museum again.
  • Nahant Sherrif’s Department – West of the Red Rocket to the North of the department, inside a leveled, locked container on the north edge of a cargo barge with military vehicles on it. The armor itself is facing away from land. To get to it, one must jump onto several pallets and shipping containers and walk on the very edge of the barge itself to get to the open shipping container where the armor is standing. Complete set of T-51 at level 24, X-01 Mk II at level 35, X-01 Mk III at level 50. Beware of bots and Assaultrons.
  • National Guard Training Yard – Behind a master-level locked door and a terminal that can be hacked or unlocked using the password found inside the main building of this area. Full set of T-60 around level 25, partial set of random X-01 power armor at level 28. Beware of a sentry bot spawning outside when you leave.
  • National Guard Training Yard – Northwest outskirts of the training yard, behind an expert locked gate inside a shipping crate. Full set of X-01 Mk I at level 28, X-01 MK II at Level 35, X-01 MK III at Level 39 and above.
  • National Park Visitor’s Center – North of the Visitor’s center on the highway, there is a crashed Vim! semi. Inside the trailer is a suit of T-51 power armor with the green Vim! paint scheme.
  • Nuka-Cola Bottling – On the ride portion, the Nuka T-51 power armor with Nuka-Cola paint job can be seen in a locked cage. The door needs to be unlocked from a terminal in the Quantum bottling area.
  • Nuka-World Power Plant – In the basement behind an Advanced terminal-locked door. Full X-01 set at level 28, MK II at level 32, MK III at level 47 and above.
  • Nuka-World Power Plant – In the power monitoring station southeast of the plant (underneath an electrical tower) behind an Advanced terminal-locked door. Full X-01 set at level 28, MK II at level 32, MK III at level 47 and above.
  • Old North Church – On a partially sunken barge north of the church and northeast of Pickman Gallery. It is easily recognizable from the Vertibird that has been tipped on its side, as well as there being several APC-like vehicles present. Hidden among the vehicles is a cage with a terminal on the side that needs to be hacked to access a full set of T-51 power armor.

  • Poseiden Energy Turbine 18-F – Northeast of the turbine and directly south of West Everett Estates, next to a crashed plane and broken down tank and a utility protection. Partial set of X-01 power armor at level 31.
  • The Prydwen – Two can be acquired without stealing. The first is a full set of BOS-II T-60 power armor and is acquired if the Sole Survivor has aligned with the Brotherhood of Steel and been promoted to Knight. Another BOS-V T-60 set is given after completion of Blind Betrayal; this is the set that belonged to Paladin Danse.
  • Revere Satellite Array – To the northwest of the array, northeast of the National Guard Training Yard and directly west of Finch farm, on the road there is a military convoy guarded by a Mr. Gutsy. A partial set of leveled power armor can be found inside the truck.
  • Revere Satellite Array – Empty frame in the northeast corner of array’s dishes, in the dish array accessible by stairs. Beware of super mutants in the area.
  • Safari Adventure – Just a little north/northwest from outside the entrance to Safari Adventure, two locked shacks with some nearby Stingwing nests can be found. The southern shack holds an almost complete set of X-01 power armor with leveled parts up to and including Mk VI.
  • Robotics Disposal Ground – Northeast of Sanctuary Hills, between USAF Satellite Station Olivia and the Robotics Disposal Ground there is a crashed Vertibird with power armor standing in front of it near the skeleton of a soldier.
  • South Boston Military Checkpoint – Behind an expert-level terminal you will find a full set of leveled power armor.
  • Starport Nuka – The atrium display contains the full set of Quantum X-01 power armor. All 35 star cores need to be installed to access the suit.
  • Tenpines Bluff – On train tracks just east under the cliff, behind a blue cargo container. The locked cage it is in is controlled by an Advanced-locked terminal. Partial set of leveled power armor.
  • Vim! Pop factory – On the top floor of the factory in a small office. Full set of T-51 with the red Vim! paint.

That’s all there is to it! Now you know how to get yourself a Power Armor in Fallout 4. If you’re interested in learning how to fly, we’ve got you covered there, too.

And for any other questions on the game, be sure to check out our Fallout 4 wiki.

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