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Every Currency in NBA All-World (& What They Do)

Just like real life, Cash and Credit are separate.

There are plenty of ways to earn and unlock new things in NBA All-World, but as always, emphasizing one over another early on can be quite advantageous. Whether it’s through one-on-one battles, tournaments, or daily activities, we’re here to break down every currency in NBA All-World and what they do.

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NBA All-World Currency Guide

A handful of currency options will be available to players from the jump, which in turn can be used on a variety of things including energy boosts, power-ups, basic in-game credit and other upgrades such as bag storage and arena passes. Players can earn a couple of these currencies through in-game activities like the one pictured below.

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Here’s a general breakdown of the currencies in All-World as well as their uses:

  • All-World Cash: Cash truly does rule everything around All-World, as the most important in-game upgrades can be obtained by spending that green. AWC is marked with a green dollar symbol, and for those looking to avoid microtransactions, can be earned through drills that include but are not limited to 3-point shooting contests, First to 3, and King of the Hill, as well as Courts and Tournaments. Similarly to Cred (below), you’ll need to potentially spend a good amount of AWC to replay any drills you fail. AWC can be used to purchase energy, various power-ups, XP wildcards, different types of gear, regular Cred, and Arena Passes.
  • Arena Passes: Arena Passes can be obtained ahead of time, but players won’t be able to use them until they reach Level 5. With them, it enables you to enter Tournaments. These Tournaments depend on which Arena Pass you obtain, as they correspond to specific teams and their home courts. The better you do in them, the better rewards you’ll receive. A word of caution, however: Arena Passes are considered items and will therefore take up space in your bag, which begins with a limit of only 100 spots.
  • Cred: Wherever you go, you’ll likely need Cred. Fortunately, it can be earned in a variety of ways if you’re once again looking to avoid microtransactions — which, to be entirely honest, is always our recommendation. Cred can be found and earned at specific Landmarks, on the ground surrounding you (as indicated by the golden, spinning diamonds in the screenshot above), and through the various aforementioned in-game activities. In terms of its most crucial use, you’ll need to stock up on Cred in order to upgrade your teammates and participate in Drills. Failing and choosing to replay any and all Drills will cost the player more Cred than the first attempt.
  • Star Tokens: Unlike Arena Passes, Star Tokens do not count as items, so take that as a sign to stock up on as many as you’d like. These are simply star-like coins that help with ranking up the ballers already on your team. They do not, however, help in any with leveling up your team. Ranking individuals and leveling up your overall team are separate things. They can be earned by winning Pickup Games and playing Rule the Court.
  • Tournament Rings: Like Star Tokens, these items are used to rank up the ballers you’ve recruited — but to high ranks. They can be earned by both winning games and placing high in Arena Tournaments.

For now, that’s everything you need to know with regards to currency in NBA All-World and what they do. If you’re looking for more in-game tips, though, be sure to keep it right here on Twinfinite by checking out our endless guides, news, and features at the links below.

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