Medal Merchant in Palworld
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What Are Dog Coins & How to Use Them in Palworld

These coins don't bite but they're very valuable!

While regular gold coins are the main form of currency in Palworld, there is a special currency that’s entered the circuit called Dog Coins, and they can be exchanged for some very unique items. To help you give you an edge, here’s our handy guide to explain what Dog Coins are and how to use them in Palworld.

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How to Get Dog Coins in Palworld

Dog Coin in Palworld
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Dog Coins are a rare type of currency in Palworld that are easily identified by their dog-eared shape, and they can be found via a couple of reliable sources. The first and easiest way to get your hands on some Dog Coins is by searching Junkyard piles scattered across the game’s entire map. They resemble small piles of debris and junk, and interacting with them can reward you with a variety of items, including substantial sums of these coins.

The other confirmed method to obtain Dog Coins is by finding and defeating Mimog Pals, which resemble treasure chests. However, you can tell them apart by their bright green decor and a similar dog ear feature on top of the “chest”.

Mimog Pal in Palworld
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While they’re technically a Pal, Mimogs are incredibly difficult to capture without Ultimate Spheres and maxed Capture Power (remember to find and use those Lifmunk Effigies!). Also, if you damage a Mimog and get too close to it, it will take off running at a hyper-fast speed in an attempt to flee. By hyper-fast, we mean that even a Jetdragon struggles to keep up.

So if you’re just wanting the Dog Coins themselves, it’s likely better to just focus on defeating the Mimog from a distance. They’ll drop a hefty amount of gold (7,000 on average) and a decent amount of Dog Coins. Strangely, the item’s description denotes that Dog Coins can’t be obtained this way. However, after several tests, we can confirm that they can be.

How to Use Dog Coins in Palworld

Medal Merchant inventory in Palworld
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Once you’ve acquired a good amount of Dog Coins and want to figure out how to use them, it’s time to seek out the Medal Merchant. They are the fabled collectors of Dog Coins, and upon finding one you’ll notice that they look similar to the game’s Black Market Merchants. However, these fellows will be dressed in bright-gold outfits and are ready to trade some of your coins for rare items.

We’ve confirmed that Medal Merchants can be found in the game’s abandoned church locations, such as the Desolate Church and the Marsh Island Church Ruins.

The items in question range from accessory space boosts to adorably goofy Pal-shaped hats for your character, to some very practical Elixirs and Fruits. Some of them are pricey, so make sure to spend your coins wisely and prioritize what’s most practical for you.

Below we’ve listed all of the items the Medal Merchant currently carries, what they do, and their cost.

ItemCost (Dog Coins)What It Does
Mysterious Accessory Box100Accessory Equipment Slots increase by 1
Box of Mystery Accessories1000Accessory Equipment Slots increase further by 1
Cattiva Hat50Hat shaped like a Cattiva
Neutral Damage Reduction Lvl 1
Lamball Helm50Helm shaped like a Lamball
Neutral Damage Reduction Lvl 1
Cawgnito Hat50Hat shaped like a Cawgnito
Dark Damage Reduction Lvl 1
Dumud Helm50Helm shaped like a Dumud
Earth Damage Reduction Lvl 1
Sibelyx Hat50Hat shaped like a Sibelyx
Ice Damage Reduction Lvl 1
Lyleen Floral Cap50Floral cap shaped like a Lyleen
Grass Damage Reduction Lvl 1
Ring of Freight +150An accessory that increases Carrying Capacity
Multiclimate Undershirt +1100An accessory that increases Heat and Cold Resistance
Life Fruit500Slightly increases a Pal’s Health
Power Fruit500Slightly increases a Pal’s Attack Power
Stout Fruit500Slightly increases a Pal’s Defense
Vital Elixir350Permanently raises character’s Health when consumed
Stamina Elixir350Permanently raises character’s Stamina when consumed
Might Elixir350Permanently raises character’s Attack Power when consumed
Speed Elixir350Permanently raises character’s Work Speed when consumed
Burden Elixir350Permanently raises character’s Carrying Capacity when consumed
Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract2000Raises a Pal’s Rank by 1

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