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Do Naked and Afraid Contestants Win Money? Answered

Do the Naked and Afraid Contestants get paid for appearing on the show? See the answer here.

Naked and Afraid is a reality TV show about two people dropped into the wilderness naked and are forced to survive and fend for themselves for 21 days. This hardcore survival TV series has been running for 14 seasons and has shown the difficulties of surviving in the wilderness in every episode. The show puts people through considerable hardship, actual risk and suffering for those 21 days, so many people wonder what people get for their time on the show. Other reality shows have prizes or pay their contestants, but what about Naked and Afraid? Do Naked and Afraid contestants win any money?

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Do Contestants Win Any Money on Naked and Afraid?

The short answer is no. This may be surprising, but contestants don’t actually get paid a prize or a salary for going on Naked and Afraid. Instead, the general sense is that going on Naked and Afraid is supposed to be a challenge you can overcome or something that you can brag about to other people that you actually went through and survived.

It’s surprising on a show like Naked and Afraid that no one gets paid, as some pretty nasty stuff can happen to those contestants. Serious injury, sickness, and starvation are all ever-present realities that the contestants have to deal with. Naked and Afraid contestants have had to deal with groin injuries, hypothermia and even near death in some occasions.

That isn’t to say they get nothing for appearing. The contestants are compensated somewhat for the missed work and travel fees. Still, this is nothing like the prizes on shows like Survivor, where the winner can expect to take home 1 Million dollars.

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