10 tips and tricks for beginners in Disney Dreamlight Valley

10 Tips & Tricks for Beginners in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here are 10 tips and tricks that you can use in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

When you first start your journey in the magical realm, there are many mechanics that you’ll need to learn to get further in the game. In this guide, we’ll provide you with 10 tips and tricks for beginners in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you can use to level up faster and make the overall experience easier.

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Obtain the Royal Tools

Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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At the beginning of Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s best to complete the Royal Tools mission before doing anything else in the game because you won’t be able to do much without these items. For example, you must clear out rocks with the pickaxe to unlock the Peaceful Meadow, an area with multiple fishing spots and resources.

You can check out our guide on how to find the Royal Tools to help in your search for these appliances.

Get Rid of Night Thorns

Eliminating Night Thorns in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Although it isn’t required to clear out all the Night Thorns that plague the land at the start of your adventures, it’s an excellent idea to eliminate the debris as much as possible. By doing this, you’ll unlock new pathways and collect materials, such as Star Coins and ingredients for meals. You can also earn enough Dreamlight to get rid of larger Night Thorns that prohibit you from entering certain places, like Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.

Open Goofy’s Stall and Sell Items/Ingredients

Using Goofy's Stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Players will be able to open Goofy’s Stall when they initially speak to Scrooge McDuck near his old store. Then, you can go to the character’s sign in the Peaceful Meadow and unlock the establishment to buy and sell items.

Goofy’s Stall is one of the best ways to earn more Star Coins because you can sell various unwanted items, resulting in a hefty amount of money. Some resources have a higher value than others, including gems, fish, crops, and meals. Additionally, you can purchase ingredients from his shop to make particular dishes and plant seeds for your garden.

Players can buy more stalls when they clear the pathways of bigger Night Thorns, where each place features new ingredients.

Upgrade Your Inventory Size and House

Upgrading your inventory size
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The inventory size is relatively limited at the beginning of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Therefore, it is crucial to upgrade your Backpack when you get the required amount of Star Coins to do this. Furthermore, you can expand your house for other materials with Scrooge McDuck once you reach a certain level of friendship.

After you improve your house, you can place additional items you may need in the future or craft more chests and organize your space.

Hang Out With Disney Characters

Hanging out with Disney characters
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While participating in activities like mining and gardening, you should ask a Disney character to accompany you to boost their friendship levels. When they hang out with you, you’ll notice star icons above them, indicating that you are increasing their friendship stats. Every member of the cast likes when you do things to restore the Valley, so you can hit two birds with one stone by collecting materials and leveling up your relationships.

Look at Disney Characters’ Favorite Things of the Day

Favorite things of the day in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Besides hanging out with Disney characters, you can gift them their favorite things of the day when speaking to them. This interaction can significantly boost their friendship levels rather than exchanging an item that will barely increase their stats. Moreover, you’ll have three chances to gift them their favorites each day, but a few things can only be unlocked with particular tasks. For instance, Moana will request the Peanut Butter Sandwich, which can be acquired when you partake in a mission with Remy.

During this time, you can initiate a Daily Discussion by asking a question; these conversations can slightly increase your friendship levels and allow you to learn details about the cast.

Place a Few Meals in Your Inventory

Dishes in your inventory
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Exhaustion in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a common occurrence that can forbid you from doing other tasks. So, those who venture too far from their home should have some meals on hand just in case their stamina bar gets too low. You can also place dishes with a high star rating to maximize your energy levels, where specific food items can provide you with an additional boost.

Gather Resources While Exploring Dreamlight Valley

Grabbing items in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Any time you see something on the ground or locate a sparkling spot, you should try to dig/pick up these resources for your collection. Many materials of the Valley are mandatory for tasks and requests from Disney characters, and you can prepare yourself by obtaining resources throughout your journey.

Various items, such as Softwood/Hardwood, Night Shards, and flowers, will be featured in missions, and you can put them in your chests to clear up room in your inventory.

Create New Meals With Remy

Creating meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Remy is one of the most valuable characters in the game since he can give you new recipes and help you experiment with ingredients at his restaurant. When Merlin asks you which door to open in Dream Castle, you can unlock his gateway and complete his quest to recruit him back to your realm. Once you purchase his home in the Valley, you can aid him in the task of opening his restaurant and use him as a guide when cooking.

Keep an Eye on Your Dreamlight Duties

Dreamlight Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Source: Gameloft via Twinfinite

It’s a good idea to consistently check on your Dreamlight Duties because you will need this magical source to unlock new areas of the game. In the menu, you can see what tasks you can do next and which ones you are close to finishing. Some Dreamlight Duties are complex, like cooking 45 2-Star meals or better, but others can be more accessible, including feeding a critter, picking three mushrooms, and taking a picture.

We hope these 10 tips and tricks for beginners in Disney Dreamlight Valley can help in your adventures across the realms. While you are here, you can check out the relevant links below and view the latest news about the next Toy Story update.

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