Devil May Cry 5 Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies & Achievements

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How to Get All Trophies & Achievements in Devil May Cry 5

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Devil May Cry is a series well known for its intense difficulty, and Devil May Cry 5 is no different. Outside of just general difficulty, the trophy/achievement list for the game has some really challenging stuff that’s going to take you a long time to complete. This certainly isn’t a quick game for hunters, but we’ll help give you a few pointers on how to get everything. Here’s how to get all trophies and achievements in Devil May Cry 5. 

Below you can see all of the achievements/trophies in Devil May Cry 5, with a quick description on how to get them. If you have any questions, of course, feel free to ask them down in the comments below.

  • Devil May Cry (Platinum) – Unlock all trophies
  • Let’s Rock! (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete game on Human mode.
  • Showtime! (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete game on Devil Hunter mode. Unlocks Son of Sparda.
  • Doing Daddy Proud (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete game on Son of Sparda mode. Unlocks Dante Must Die.
  • Dance With the Devil (Silver, 60 GS) – Complete game on Dante Must Die mode. Unlocks Heaven and Hell.
  • Stairway to Heaven (Silver, 60 GS) – Complete game on Heaven and Hell mode. Unlocks Hell and Hell.
  • Highway to Hell (Gold, 100 GS) – Complete game on Hell and Hell mode.
  • Fall From Grace (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Prologue – Story-related, can’t miss.
  • Protect the People (Bronze, 10 GS) – Defeat all enemies in Mission 01. Make sure you search each area for all enemies, there are two kind of hidden away. On top of the first bridge check around the tower on your right to find an enemy around the corner. At the broken bridge jump down then turn around, and you’ll see a red orb enemy at the back area.
  • Where the Red Orbs Grow (Bronze, 10 GS) – Collect Red Orbs from an unexpected spot in Mission 02. After the very first fight there’ll be a split in the road, so take the right path and on the right side of the road there’s a hold in a building. Inside is a red orb crystal you can break.
  • Reunion (Bronze, 10 GS) – Clear Mission 03.
  • Backroad (Bronze, 10 GS) – Destroy a certain wall in Mission 04. When you get to the area with the giant tower that has graffiti all over it summon in Nightmare to destroy the tower wall. Follow the path that opens up to an alley, then again summon Nightmare to destroy another wall for the trophy.
  • Break a Leg (Bronze, 10 GS) – Fend off a menace from above in Mission 05. To get this you’ll need to destroy one of the legs that break in from the ceiling during a mission. When a leg comes in just focus all of your attacks on it and be as quick as possible.
  • End of the Line (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 06. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Share the Pain (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 07 with both Nero and V – Play through the mission with one character, then go to mission select and play it with the other.
  • Light in the Darkness (Bronze, 10 GS) – Clear Mission 08. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Eagle-Eyed (Bronze, 10GS) – Destroy a certain wall in Mission 09 – After the first fight in this mission head straight to the end of the area and you’ll run into a brick wall. This wall can be smashed, so hit LB (L1) to summon Nightmare, who’ll smash it.
  • This Ain’t Over (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 10. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Don’t Mess With the Best (Bronze, 10 GS) – Use proper timing to get a leg up on the boss in Mission 11 – For this you just need to use the demon sword Sparda and the Swordmaster stance. Lock onto the boss with RB (R1) then just hit B (circle) over and over until the boss staggers.
  • The Qliphoth (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 12. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Each In His Own Way (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 13 with Nero, V, and Dante – Just like with Mission 7, beat the mission with one character then go to mission select and beat it with the other two.
  • Gotta Hurry (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 14. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Slick Moves (Bronze, 10 GS) – Proceed with caution and avoid unneeded damage in Mission 15  – You have to take no damage from the traps in Mission 15, but can take damage from enemies. The best path to take for this mission is the right path at the first split, the path to the left of the Divinity Statue, then the path straight ahead past the second Divinity Statue.
  • Obedience Training (Bronze, 10 GS) – Go on the offensive without relying on brute force in the Mission 16 boss battle – Simply don’t use Devil Trigger at all in the Mission 16 boss battle, and the trophy should pop during the fight.
  • Back to Life (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 17. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Man on a Mission (Bronze, 10 GS) – Complete Mission 18. Story-related, cannot miss.
  • Battle For the Ages (Bronze, 10 GS) – Clear Missions 19 and 20 without using any continues – This is a tough one to get, as you’ll have to beat the final boss both times without continuing at all, as in using red orbs or a Gold Orb to revive. Luckily, you can do this on any difficulty, so if you’ve played all the way through on Human difficulty use that. You can see our guide on how to beat the final boss for help.
  • Not Too Shabby (Bronze, 10 GS) – Perform a Stylish Rank S combo – Rank S is pretty easy to achieve in Devil May Cry 5, as all you need to do is consistently switch up your combos on the enemy. We have a guide for how to get a SSS combo, so you can refer to that.
  • Steppin’ up the Style (Bronze, 10 GS) – Perform a Stylish Rank SS combo – Same as above, see our guide for more details.
  • Seriously Stylish Slaying! (Bronze, 10 GS) – Perform a Stylish Rank SSS combo – Same as above, see our guide for more details.
  • Secrets Exposed (Silver, 60 GS) – Clear all secret missions – There are 12 secret missions to find across the game, and we have a guide on where to find them. But completing them is a real challenge that you’ll need to put some time into.
  • The Quick and the Dead (Bronze, 10 GS) – Defeat 5 enemies in 1 second – This is most easily done on Heaven and Hell difficulty in the early missions, since enemies die in one hit on Heaven and Hell. You can also do it on Human, you’ll just have to wear them down a bit. Get into a battle and group enemies together, then use a Devil Breaker like Helter Skelter or Overture to blast the whole group.
  • Well I’ll Be Damned (Gold, 100 GS) – Wield overwhelming power to exact an unexpected conclusion – To get this you have to actually beat Urizen in the Prologue and see the secret ending. This is easily done on Heaven and Hell where you can kill Urizen in one hit, but you can also do it on Human difficulty with a post-game powered up Nero, although it’ll be difficult.
  • Hell of a Hunter (Silver, 60 GS) – Clear all missions with an S rank – This will be difficult to do but if you’ve beaten the game once and powered up/unlocked all weapons for all characters, you can play through on Human mode and should be able to get higher ratings without much difficulty.
  • Worthy of a Legend (Gold, 100 GS) – Clear all missions with an S rank on all difficulties except Heaven or Hell – This is probably one of the hardest trophies to get in the entire game, and you won’t get it without a ton of work. You can grind out red orbs by replaying missions on lower difficulties then buy all the skills for the three characters, but this really boils down to lots of practice and time.
  • I Believe I Can Fly (Bronze, 10 GS) – Rack up a total of 60 minutes in the air by jumping or other means – You’ll get this naturally as you play Devil May Cry 5, as you’ll no doubt be doing a lot air combos. We got the trophy near the end of our first playthrough.
  • Nothing’s Impossible (Bronze, 10 GS) – Acquire all of Nero’s skills – Just purchase all of Nero’s skills off of the customization menu. Again, keep in mind you can replay missions and all the red orbs you collect are persistent. It’s easiest to just spend a couple hours in Human or Devil Hunter mode replaying missions and grinding out red orbs.
  • Demon Breeder (Bronze, 10 GS) – Acquire all of V’s skills – Same as above, but for V.
  • Be The Legend (Bronze, 10 GS) – Acquire all of Dante’s skills – Same as above, but for Dante.
  • Physical Perfection (Bronze, 10 GS) – Upgrade your vitality gauge to the max – You’ll need to find all blue orb fragments and purchase all blue orbs. We have a guide coming soon.
  • The Devil’s Own (Bronze, 10 GS) – Upgrade your Devil Trigger gauge to the max – You’ll need to find all purple orb fragments and purchase all purple orbs. We have a guide coming soon.
  • A New Job (Bronze, 10 GS) – Accept a new job from Morrison after the Red Grave incident – Automatically gained after the credits of the game.
  • Jackpot! (Silver, 60 GS) – Collect over 1,000,000 red orbs – Another one that you’ll easily get after playing for a while, took us about 20 hours.
  • Demon Destroyer (Bronze, 10 GS) – Destroy over 1,000 demons – Another that just takes a time investment, we got this one a little bit after our first playthrough.
  • Rearm and Repeat (Bronze, 10 GS) – Collect over 100 Devil Breakers during missions – Again a time investment. As you’re playing mission just make sure to use LB (L1) to break your current Breaker if your slots are full, and pick up every one you see.
  • Dante the Gambler (Bronze, 10 GS) – Use more than 500,000 red orbs with Dr. Faust – Another time investment, notice a trend? You’ll have to collect a ton of orbs, but every time you attack with Dr. Faust it uses red orbs up, so just a matter of time.
  • Who Needs Weapons Anyway? (Bronze, 10 GS) – Clear Mission 11 without equipping a weapon set for Dante – To do this one you’ll first need to beat the game on Son of Sparda, which will unlock Dante’s “Irregular Full Custom.” This means you can do mission without weapons, however, this leaves you unable to attack. Because of that you’ll also want to beat the game on Dante Must Die to unlock the “Super Dante” costume which gives you unlimited Devil Trigger, meaning you can constantly summon ethereal weapons with Devil Trigger, and complete Mission 11 without weapons.
  • Unarmed and Dangerous (Bronze, 10 GS) – Beat Mission 7 without any starting Devil Breakers equipped – Simply unequip all Devil Breakers at the start of the mission and play through it. You can use any Breakers you pick up during the mission.
  • Pet Protection (Bronze, 10 GS) – Beat Mission 05 without V’s demons getting stalemated – Make sure you have the Griffon and Shadow Vigor skills purchased, as it’ll make them harder to get Stalemated. Then play through Mission 05 on Human difficulty and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Hopefully, that helps you figure out how to get all trophies and achievements in Devil May Cry 5. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or take a look at our Devil May Cry 5 wiki.

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