Devil May Cry 5: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Devil May Cry 5 Tips & Tricks

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If you’re jumping into Devil May Cry 5 as a newcomer, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for beginners to get you started.

It’s true that Devil May Cry 5 is a mostly linear game, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t exploration involved or alternate things to find. There’s actually a ton of optional pathways and corners tucked into the game, where you can find extra red orbs, secret missions, blue and purple orb fragments, or Gold Orbs.

Secret Missions provide extra challenges for you to undertake, extra red orbs will help you purchase more abilities and moves, while the orb fragments can help give you more Vitality or Devil Trigger. Because of this, you should take your time in each and every area of the game and explore, and there’s even a helpful way for you to tell which paths might be optional.

If you click and hold down the left stick, the screen will turn purple and the camera will focus in on your next objective. When you’re presented with multiple paths to choose from, use this to figure out which is the right way, then explore all the other paths.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips & Tricks

You Can Replay Missions For More Red Orbs

Red orbs are your bread and butter in Devil May Cry 5, and you’ll need LOTS of them in order to learn every move and ability for all three characters. The game actually does a pretty good job of rewarding you with orbs, but there’s a bit of a trick you can use to get more if you’re finding a particular section or boss difficult.

Red orbs are persistent across your entire playthrough and all difficulties, this means that you can replay missions as much as you want and compile orbs into your overall stock. If you’re finding a particular section difficult, start a new playthrough on Human difficulty and play through a few missions to wrack up orbs, then learn new abilities and jump back into the higher difficulty.

This also means that you’ll have plenty of moves and orbs when you start up the next difficulty, after your first playthrough of the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips & Tricks

Devil Trigger is Hugely Important for V and Dante

Devil May Cry 5 gives you a ton of different options in combat, so much so that it can be overwhelming for new players. One ability that’s absolutely essential, however, is Devil Trigger. It’s basically the best card in your deck, and what you should be using whenever you find yourself in trouble.

V’s Devil Trigger can be used to summon his massive third demon, Nightmare, or power up his other two familiars, Griffon and Shadow. Calling in Nightmare is your primary use, and the hulking behemoth will attack enemies on its own until you get the Promote ability, but don’t forget your ability to power up the other two.

By pulling LT (L2) and then hitting X or Y, V will power up the respective familiar, hugely boosting their attack power and even giving them new attacks. Considering V is entirely reliant on his familiars, it’s also important you charge your Devil Trigger by using RT (R2) to have V read his book.

Holding down the trigger will have V pull out the book, and you don’t need to keep holding it. As long as V is reading the book, his Devil Trigger gauge will slowly charge, so it’s a good idea to keep him out of enemy’s range and have him constantly reading. In turn, you can then constantly keep his familiars powered up, or have Nightmare on the field.

Dante, on the other hand, gets access to two Devil Triggers, a regular one and Sin Devil Trigger. Once you have Sin, you can charge the second gauge by holding LB (L1), which will transfer your regular Devil Trigger into Sin. While you might be tempted to always just charge the Sin gauge, don’t forget to use your regular Devil Trigger as well.

Sin is much more powerful, but you’ll be able to use the regular Trigger at a much more consistent rate and it can help you just in the nick of time. It’s generally a good idea to transfer all of your regular gauge, except the default three Devil Trigger gauges. This ensures you can still activate your regular Devil Trigger if you need to bump up your power and get out of an enemy’s combo.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips & Tricks

You Can Hit Multiple Attack Buttons at Once

devil may cry 5, tips, tricks, beginners, nero, dante, v

Most of the time in Devil May Cry 5 you’ll be hitting one button at a time, linking combos together. However, you can actually hit multiple buttons at once in some cases. This is most true with V and his familiars, as you can actually use Griffon and Shadow at the exact same time.

Sure, you can use one at a time if you want, but you can pelt enemies with ranged and physical attacks by using both at once. At the same time, once you learn Promote and you ride on Nightmare, you can have all three attack at once. X(square) will have Griffon shoot, Y (triangle) will have Shadow attack, and B (circle) will have Nightmare attack.

Combining all three of these at once is the best way to get your Style rank up as V, so make sure you’re taking advantage of it. The same holds true for Dante, once you get his third sword, the devil sword Dante. Once you have this sword, switching to the Swordmaster style will let you summon ethereal blades with B (circle).

Just like with V, you can use Dante’s ethereal blades while attacking with another button, causing even more damage, especially if you’re in Devil Trigger. This is just one of the small subtleties that make Devil May Cry 5’s combat so engaging.

Devil May Cry 5 Tips & Tricks

Make Full Use of Dante’s Different Styles and Nero’s Devil Breakers

devil may cry 5, tips, tricks, beginners, nero, dante, v

To reiterate, Devil May Cry 5’s combat gives you so many different options, and if you’re looking for easy ways to bump up your Style ranking, it’s definitely taking advantage of all your options. For Nero, this means a couple of different things, using Exceed and using all of his Devil Breakers.

Exceed is by far the easiest part of Nero’s repertoire to overlook, as in order to use it, you’ll have to press and hold LT (L2) repeatedly, almost like revving up a motorcycle. The good thing about Exceed is that you can completely rev it up before each battle, and the charge will stay there. Exceed increases the damage your next attack does and can also result in different combos.

Make sure to take time to rev up Exceed in between each battle, as it’ll help you get a strong start. Similarly, you’ll want to make full use of Nero’s Devil Breakers. Remember, you can hit LB (L1) to blow up your current breaker and move to the next one, however, there’s a better way to do it.

While you might just focus on each Breaker’s basic use, don’t forget you can hold B (circle) down to charge an ultimate attack. This will destroy the arm, but the powerful attack you get in exchange is well worth it. For example, Gerbera will let you aim and shoot a massive laser beam, while Overture will let you plant the arm in an enemy as a bomb that explodes seconds later.

On the other side of the field, Dante has four different styles he can swap between on the fly; Trickster, Gunslinger, Swordmaster, and Royal Guard. It’s a good idea to learn what situations each of these styles work in, and you can even jump into The Void from the main menu to train and practice all of their movesets.

For example, Royal Guard can be hugely useful in boss battles as timing your B (circle) press just right can guard against a boss’ attack. Quickly switching between Gunslinger and Swordmaster will let you have even more diverse combos, and using those attacks in quick succession is a great way to build up your Style ranking.

Those are our tips and tricks for beginners in Devil May Cry 5. For even more info and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, and take a look at our extensive Devil May Cry 5 wiki.

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