Devil May Cry 5: How to Get Gold Orbs & What They Do

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How to Get Gold Orbs & What They Do in Devil May Cry 5

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Here’s how to get Gold Orbs & what they do in Devil May Cry 5.

Beyond just hacking and slashing your way through Devil May Cry 5’s electrifying combat, you’ll also be collecting orbs. There are two kinds: Red and Gold.

While the former are used to upgrade characters and are generously scattered throughout the game, the gold variety is harder to come by, but equally useful.

Gold colored orbs will let you revive with full health and devil trigger if you’re killed, so they’re extremely helpful. Here’s how you can get them:

  • Purchasing from Nico’s shop
  • Find them in alternate paths and hidden areas in stages
  • Rate players in Link Missions

While Devil May Cry hands out Red Orbs pretty generously throughout the experience, gold ones require a bit more exploration. You can find them scattered across the game simply by playing, usually tucked away in little corners or alternate paths.

Alternatively, you can also purchase one from Nico’s shop for 6,000 Red Orbs, so it’s well worth accumulating as many red orbs as you can in each mission.

Pro tip: remember, beyond just breaking orb chunks, exploration, and killing enemies, Red Orbs are given as a reward for completing missions with high style points. If you play with finesse then you’ll have plenty of Red Orbs to purchase gold ones with.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll actually be given a gold orb as a login bonus for each day you have played.

The final way to get Gold Orbs is related to Link Missions. When you encounter other players in Link Mission you can rate them as Stylish, and once you’ve rated enough players you’ll get one. The game isn’t specific about what that number is, though, so just remember to keep rating them and you’ll eventually get your reward.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Gold Orbs & what they do in Devil May Cry 5. For more on the game, check out our extensive wiki page.

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