Destiny 2: How to Get All Pinnacle Weapons for Season of the Forge (Black Armory)

How to Get All Pinnacle Weapons in Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge

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A new season has arrived in Destiny 2, the Season of the Forge. Since Destiny 2: Forsaken, the grind now offers a lot of more interesting rewards, and that includes the new Pinnacle Weapons that are available as of the change in season. Let’s go over all three new pinnacle weapons, and how to get them.

What Are Pinnacle Weapons

Pinnacle weapons are rewards from each of the three major activity vendors in the Tower: Lord Shaxx and the Crucible, Zavala and Vanguard Strikes, and the Drifter and Gambit.

As you rank up in each of these factions in Destiny 2 you’ll get regular rewards and sometimes even powerful gear, however each of them has a quest assigned to them that when completed, will reward you a pinnacle weapon.

These are usually powerful legendary weapons that have a unique perk to them. Some of them can even rival exotics in terms of their usefulness, so as long as you’re a fan of the weapon type, and enjoy the activity they are locked behind, they are usually worth the effort.

To start your quest to get pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2, first go to the Tower and visit Zavala, Lord Shaxx, and the Drifter and obtain the following quests: Countdown to Zero (Vanguard), Before the Storm (Gambit), and First of Many (Crucible). Each of these will detail what you need to do to get the weapon, let’s break down each of these objectives and their rewards.

How to Complete First of Many and Get The Mountaintop Grenade Launcher Pinnacle Weapon

The Crucible’s pinnacle weapon this season in Destiny 2 is The Mountaintop grenade launcher. This is an extremely unique weapon for a few different reasons. First, it’s a grenade launcher that can be used in your primary weapon slot. Even stranger than that though, it has a unique perk that shoots the grenades out in a straight line, almost like a mini Rocket Launcher, and explodes on contact.

The Mountaintop is likely going to be designed for use in the Crucible (not surprisingly), and will reward players with good aim with easy kills. If you remember the “noob tube” from Call of Duty, it sounds a bit like that.

To get the Mountaintop in Destiny 2, you’ll need to first reach the Glory rank “Brave” in a season. Glory is obtained by playing competitive mode Crucible matches. So if you’re not a fan of that, try to find a team to make it easier and more bearable. The more wins you get, the quicker you’ll rank up your glory.

After that step, there’s one more part. You’ll need to complete the following objectives:

Earn 750 total points from grenade launcher final blows in the crucible. Competitive playlist matches are worth more.

Get 200 points from rapidly defeat groups of two or more enemies. Again, competitive matches will earn you more points, so try to play in that.

Finally, get 100 total points of Calculated Trajectory medals. Once again, you’ll get a lot more points if you get them in competitive. To get a Calculated Trajectory medal, you need to get three grenade launcher final blows without dying.

Once you do all that, you’ll get The Mountaintop. Out of all the pinnacle weapons, this one will probably take the most time.

How to Complete Countdown to Zero and Get Loaded Question Pinnacle Weapon

Loaded Question is the pinnacle weapon from Vanguard Strikes. Its unique perk is that it has a super Dragonfly-like perk. When you kill an enemy, that enemy explodes in a large radius, dealing damage to anyone nearby. This will be quite effective in turning your fusion rifle into something designed to kill one enemy, into something capable of handling larger packs.

To get Loaded Question in Destiny 2, you need to do the following: Get 500 fusion rifle kills in strikes, get 1000 arc kills in strikes, and then complete 40 total strikes.

Not so bad right? It will take some time, but it’s a lot easier than The Mountaintop. Once you do all that, you’ll have Loaded Question for yourself.

How to Complete Before the Storm and get Breakneck Pinnacle Weapon

Finally we arrive at the Gambit pinnacle weapon, Breakneck. Breakneck is a unique Auto Rifle that spins faster the more kills you get in rapid succession, and also has Rampage which increases damage as you get rapid kills. In a situation like behind a Rally Barricade which reloads your weapons, it can be an absolute monster, but even still it’s quite strong.

To get Breakneck in Destiny 2, complete the following objectives in Gambit with the quest in your inventory: 500 auto rifle kills, 100 auto rifle multikills, 150 challenging enemies defeated, and 40 total matches complete.

Once you do all that, complete the quest, and you’ll have Breakneck.

That does it for how to get all the pinnacle weapons in Destiny 2 Black Armory’s Season of the Forge.  Enjoy! Check out our wiki guide for more information about Destiny 2.

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