Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade

Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade: All Tryks and Invitation Powers

Tryk or Treat

Dead by Daylight’s 8th anniversary sees a return of the Twisted Masquerade, but this time there’s an extra element to the festivities in the form of Tryks. This Entity fangirl has appeared in the realm, with a variety of different tricks to play on the Killer and Survivors alike. Additionally, Invitation Abilities make a return to the game. Here are all Tryks and Invitation Powers in Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade.

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All Invitation Abilities

To use these powers, you’ll need to collect an invitation within the trial. Each player can have up to two invitations in their inventory. You need to collect them from around the map, and doing so will give you the ability to use Invitation Powers. Once you’ve used a power the Invitations will passively recharge.


  • Endure Stun: Using this power will make you impervious to stuns, letting you shake off any attempts to slow you down.
  • Remote Destroy: This ability lets you destroy a pallet or breakable wall at a distance.
  • Remote Hook: Using this power will automatically teleport a downed Survivor to the closest hook, letting you bypass any attempts to block you and get back into a chase as soon as possible.


  • Block Window Vault: In a chase, this ability makes a window unvaultable to the Killer for 4 seconds.
  • Quiet Mode: This power will temporarily suppress the noises you make. Most obviously this includes breathing, footsteps, and grunts of pain, but it also extends to fast vaults and locker entries, helping you get away from the Killer if you manage to break the line of sight. It also gets rid of your pools of blood, making it harder for the Killer to track you. This ability lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Set Party Pallet: This power will generate a temporary pallet which will disappear as soon as it’s thrown down.

Bag of Tryks

The Bag of Tryks will gain one point when either of the following objectives is met.

  • The Killer hooks a survivor
  • Survivors complete a generator
Dead by Daylight Twisted Masquerade
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A random effect from the following will be applied for every two points collected.

  • You’re Invited!: Killers and Survivors gain one invitation charge
  • No Invite For You!: Killers and Survivors lose one invitation charge
  • Peekaboo!: The Killer and Survivors see each other’s auras for 8 seconds
  • Move it or Lose It!: Every player in the match gains 30% haste for 60 seconds
  • Heal You, Expose You: All damaged Survivors gain one health state, and all Survivors suffering from a Deep Wound are mended. However, they’re then Exposed for 60 seconds.
  • Wait, Where…?: Suppresses the Killer’s terror radius and Survivor’s scratch marks for 30 seconds
  • Party Totem!: All Dull Totems become Anniversary Totems and glow blue and gold. Channeling these totems grants bloodpoints, 30% haste for 5 seconds, and reveals your aura to opposing players
  • Party Chest!: All unopened chests become Anniversary Chests and glow in blue and gold. After 60 seconds, all Anniversary Chests open automatically. If a Survivor is within 8 meters when this happens, they scream and become Hindered for 4 seconds. If a Survivor is within 8 meters, they become stunned.
  • Zzl Zilch!: Nothing happens.

The first Tryk is active from the start of the trial, and no Tryks are available when the End Game Collapse is active. This means that a maximum of five tricks are available in any round.

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