Cool Things To Do in Just Cause 4

Top 10 Cool Things To Do in Just Cause 4, Just Cause

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Just Cause 4 is all about seeing and doing the ridiculous. From blowing up everything in Rico’s way to sky diving into a rampaging tornado, you can do pretty much anything. Here are ten cool things you can do in Just Cause 4.

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Become a Storm Chaser

The exciting new feature in Just Cause 4 is extreme weather. The game’s antagonist is testing storm creating weapons on his own people, and it’s Rico’s job to stop him.

Since the tornados, blizzards, and thunderstorms that are battering Solis are man made, they crop up all the time and everywhere. As you fly around the island, you could come across them in towns, giant airports, or find them ripping through the jungle area in the north east of the island.

If you want, though, you can channel your inner storm chaser and head out to find them. Just Cause 4’s tornados are incredible, forcing your to fight against the winds as everything in the vicinity is sucked into it. Seeing a jumbo jet spin into a tornado and suddenly explode is a sight to behold.

Cause Chaos

Chaos is the name of the game in Just Cause 4. Not only it is ridiculous fun, but it’s tied into how you progress the story. You need to rack up chaos to get squads that allow you to advance into new regions of Solis, so it’s important to destroy anything that’s red and white whenever you see it.

However, simply getting one of your Pilots to drop off a powerful helicopter, flying off to the nearest base and causing chaos is so much fun. Just Cause 4’s physics engine is its star, and watching everything explore is a thrill.

Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Eggs have always been a key part of the Just Cause games. Heading out into the sprawling and exotic location in search of secrets adds so much to the world.

In Just Cause 3, you could find Thor’s Hammer, the crash site of the Mile High Club you could go to in the second game, Mr. Snowman, and many other things.

We don’t want to ruin anything, but there are loads of Easter Eggs in Just Cause 4, too. On top of mountain, at the bottom of the sea, and in the skies above Solis, there’s secrets to be found, and it’s so cool when you come across them yourself as you’re exploring.

Practice Your Stunts

There are a lot of different vehicles in Just Cause 4. Fighter jets, tanks, formula one cars, speedboats, and more, and they’re all perfect for stunts.

Of course, jumping over hills in cars is fun, but jumping out of the driving seat and walking around the wings of a plane is a thill on another level. You can hang from the bottom of helicopters, too, all while the aircraft hovers above you. If you’re feeling daring, you could even jump or grapple from one plane to another if you can get your first one close enough.

Create DIY Rockets

The physics engine is the star of Just Cause 4. Every explodable object acts in a realistic way. So, if you shoot a hole in one end of a tank, fire will shoot from one end, sending the whole thing in the opposite direction. If you find a tank that’s lying vertically, you can shoot the bottom and send it flying into the sky. For maximum carnage, maybe grapple an enemy onto it to so that he goes along for the ride.

Explore Solis

This is a pretty simple one, but some of the most fun you’ll have in Just Cause 4. Solis is a stunning setting, full of dense jungles, hidden bases, giant airstrips, and modern cities. It’s huge and rife for exploring. You can air drop in one of Rico’s trusty vehicles, or you can ask for an lift somewhere and enjoy the scenery from the skies. Fast Travel also sees you dropped from the sky, giving you the chance to see the world in all its glory from above.

Mess With the Wildlife

There’s no hunting per se in Just Cause 4. You don’t hunt for the particular species of cow you need to upgrade your grenade pouch or anything like that. That doesn’t mean Solis doesn’t have its fair share of wildlife. They don’t do anything, but they’re sure fun to mess with. Once you get access to the booster mod for Rico’s grappling hook, you can aim at an animal, put the tether on them, activate the booster, and see them spin their way into the atmosphere.

Be Indiana Jones For a Day

Throughout Just Cause 4, you’ll be pointing in the direction of side missions for three of the game’s characters. One of them is called Javi, and he will upgrade your boosters if you head out into Solis in search of ancient relics. Deep underwater caves, tombs, and jungles are all there to be explored. It’s a nice change of pace from the explosion filled story missions, and it makes you feel like Indiana Jones to boot.

Fly a Tank

Tanks don’t fly naturally in Just Cause 4, it’s not that over the top, but with a bit of practice, you can make them.

Once you have the air lift mod for your grappling hook, you can fasted a load of little balloon to the top of a tank and wait for the force to be enough for it to lift off the ground. Then, jump in and you’re flying a tank. If you do it in battle, you could even see a fight between a helicopter and a tank take place 1000 feet in the air. What’s cooler than that?

Pretend This Is MGS V Again

Fultoning was a lot of fun in Metal Gear Solid V. Not only did it get vital resources for you operating base, but it was funny to see knocked out bad guys fly away into the skies above Afghanistan. You can kinda do the same thing in Just Cause 4.

Once you have the air lift grappling hook mod, you can send anything into the skies and away from your gunfire. They won’t fly off forever, but rather the balloon will pop and they fall back to earth. You may not see them much in amongst all the explosions, but it’s hilarious when you do.

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