Concrete Genie: How to Solve White Paintings & What They Do

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Concrete Genie casts you as a young boy named Ash as you explore the town of Denska, along with the help of strange creatures called genies. There are plenty of little puzzles and collectibles to tackle along the way, which is why you’ll want to know how to solve white paintings and what they do in Concrete Genie.

How to Solve White Paintings & What They Do in Concrete Genie

White paintings are basically moments, or collectibles, that you can create with a little assistance from your genies. When you find one, simply call your Genies over by pressing and holding L1, just be sure there aren’t any bullies or darkness nearby.

Once they reach the painting, speech bubbles above their head will tell you which landscape pieces you need to solve it. Now simply use the proper pieces, and voila, you’ve made a new masterpiece.

We should say is that white paintings are all optional in Concrete Genie, and you don’t actually need to complete all of them to finish the game. That being said, trophy hunters will want to, as finding the paintings is tied to two different trophies.

The first trophy is called “A Secret Moment,” and unlocks after completing one white painting. The other one titled “Capture the Moments,” doesn’t unlock until you’ve completed ever one of the paintings in the game.

Because of that, if you’re looking to rack up that trophy score, you’ll need to comb the town of Denska high and low to find each and every one.

To sum up how to solve white paintings in Concrete Genie.

  1. Call your Genies to the white painting by pressing and holding L1.

  2. The Genies will show you which landscape pieces you need to solve the puzzles, so just create what they show you, and done.

That’s everything you might need to know about how to solve white paintings in Concrete Genie.

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