Chainsaw Man Chapter 152 Release Date & Spoilers
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Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Release Date & Spoilers

Asa has returned, but the War Devil won't be easy to deal with going forward.

After a bit of only Denji, Chainsaw Man has finally shown us Asa’s fate. However, that doesn’t mean things will slow down anytime soon. Chapter 149 is guaranteed to continue to spell trouble for Denji as the citizens become more rabid and frightened.

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When Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 Coming Out? Answered

Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 will be out on Nov. 21, which is a nice divergence from the recent two-week breaks. As always, it will be available to read for free upon release for any visitors to the Viz Media site. Everyone can always read the three most recent releases, meaning until Chapter 149 is out, you can read back to Chapter 146 if you need to catch up.

As the series is on a digital release, there isn’t a huge chance for leaks/spoilers. However, we have been reading this series for long enough that we have a decent idea of where things are headed.

What Will Happen in Chapter 149? Theories Explained

Thankfully, the end of Chapter 148 showed the resolution of the cliffhanger from 146 when Asa got her arm cut off. While that was an unexpected attack from Public Safety to eliminate her, she survived. This means that Denji still has one possible ally, which he needs, as the citizens are turning on anyone possibly related to Chainsaw Man and the Church.

I expect that Chapter 149 will include Denji being forced to transform as the citizens close in. Seeing as they were willing to open fire on his group, things aren’t going to improve. The bad news will be if the War Devil does choose that moment to start a fight with Chainsaw Man, as the stirrings of war in the city are only adding to Yoru’s strength.

With only a week away, there isn’t much time to wait until we see what Chainsaw Man Chapter 149 brings. Check out our links below for more of our Chainsaw Man and other manga coverage.

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