Can't Make Starbreeze Account? - How To Create Payday 3 Account
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Can’t Make Starbreeze Account? – How To Create Payday 3 Account

A necessary step to play the game.

As is the case with many current games, you have to make a Starbreeze account to play Payday 3. There is no way to avoid this; you must sign in or create an account right at the start, with no other options. However, this is causing problems as launch day is proving to be a little more than the game can handle.

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The Starbreeze Nebula service has been the source of some issues, so it’s possible this won’t be possible depending on when you try. However, the most recent message from the devs claims that these Payday 3 errors are fixed, and there shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Create a Starbreeze Account to Play Payday 3

Navigate down to Create Account, and your browser will open, which will take you to the Starbreeze Nebula site. Simply fill out the necessary information to continue. Once you are on your newly created profile screen on the Starbreeze Nebula site, you can safely close out of your browser and reopen the game to input the information used.

Payday 3 Login In/Create Account Screen
Image Source: Starbreeze Studios via Twinfinite

If you are on console, operating a browser is rather annoying. You can easily go to the Starbreeze Nebula website on your phone/computer and do this there.

Account Already Linked Error Fix

If you are on Xbox or PlayStation, don’t link your account from the Starbreeze Nebula. Take your login credentials back into the game and sign in to let the game link your account that way. We ran into an issue when we linked our Xbox account ahead of time.

Upon signing into the game itself for the first time, it claimed a link couldn’t happen due to an account already being linked despite them being the same account. To be safe, don’t do anything else through your browser once the account has been created.

If everything goes smoothly, you should be able to create your Payday 3 account without any issues. Be sure to stick around with us as we bring you plenty of guides on how to pull off the perfect heist.

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