Can you jump in God of War Ragnarok

Can You Jump in God of War Ragnarok? Answered

Reach! For the starsss!

Kratos can hack and slash his way through countless enemies, leap extraordinary distances from grapple points, and take more hits from enemies than he probably should be able to. As such, there’s good reason you’re asking ‘can you jump in God of War Ragnarok‘ whenever you want, so you can hop out of the way of danger, or just get that extra bit of height you need to reach that ledge.

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Can You Jump Freely in God of War Ragnarok?

Unfortunately, no, Kratos and his companions are all bound to solid ground for the majority of gameplay. In other words, you cannot freely jump in the game. Instead, there will be ledges and grapple points that Kratos can interact with by pressing Circle, but generally speaking if you’re in the middle of battle, you can’t just sprint jump your way to safety.

Why Can’t Kratos Jump Whenever You Want?

There is probably a good reason for Kratos’ inability to jump, and our guess would be that it somewhat breaks the cinematic immersion of the action taking place on-screen if Kratos is weirdly running and jumping about the Nine Realms. Being able to sprint and grapple around in a much more controlled manner is a little bit more in-keeping with the vibe and atmosphere of God of War Ragnarok’s story and worldbuilding in general.

After all, Kratos is a super serious guy, so watching him skip away with massive jumps wouldn’t quite fit. Sorry jumping fans, but you’re out of luck here.

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