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Can You Do Halo MCC Split Screen on PC? Answered

How else am I going to screenpeak my friends?

You may remember, back in the days of the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox, split-screen was a major feature. As such, you may be wondering if you can do the same with the Master Chief Collection on PC. In a world where split-screen and local co-op have vanished somewhat, is it possible to still play the MCC in the same way you would have played each of the classic games with friends before? This is a guide that will show you whether or not you can play Halo MCC split-screen on PC.

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Master Chief Collection Split Screen on PC Explained

The short answer is, no, you cannot play Halo MCC split-screen on PC. Or at least not in the vanilla game.

The various games of the Master Chief collection did support split-screen multiplayer while they were on consoles, but now they all support online co-op. This does mean that if you want to play split-screen in the base game, you and your friends will need copies of both the Master Chief Collection and whatever specific game you want to play out of the collection. If you want more information on how to play the Master Chief Collection on PC online, Halo Support has a page that can help. You can even crossplay between Xbox and PC in the Master Chief Collection Campaigns.

However, that is not to say that split-screen co-op is impossible, but mods or additional programs are necessary to access it. The Nucleus Co-op program is one method, and there are others you can search for. If you do use it, look up guides on how to use the mod you select like this one on reddit. It may take some work to get fully running and it may be a lot more complicated than simply playing online. Also, be aware of any of the risks and problems using third-party software with any game carries before you download anything.

That’s it for this guide for whether or not you can split screen in Halo MCC. If you want other Halo related guides, stay on twinfinite. Fore example, here’s a guide on how to activate skulls in Halo Infinite or how to get the Fall Guy backpack in the MCC.

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