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Best Cape IDs for The Strongest Battlegrounds & How to Make Custom Ones

Why aren't we wearing capes IRL, too?

Yes, you need the VIP, but there are few things cooler in TSB than wearing a cool cape and bodying your opponents. Since there are so many, we shortlisted all the best ones we could find. Here is our ultimate list of the coolest cape IDs for The Strongest Battlegrounds, including steps on how you can make your own custom capes.

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Best The Strongest Battlegrounds Cape IDs

  • 11104447804: Round fluffy cat
  • 915326045: Sans from Undertale
  • 13813958646: Drake
  • 12716278332: Amogus
  • 8676568112: Jerma
  • 14488881439: Skibidi toilet face
  • 17063317774: HxH Phantom Troupe logo
  • 4780611260: Akatsuki Cape
  • 10511856020: Luffy
  • 9701677009: Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger
  • 17496559074: Nezuko
  • 10905306330: Green flames
  • 15255299425: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • 8916038518: Tomioka Giyu cloak
  • 16971762302: Green Serpent
  • 13152077242: Demon Skull
  • 7768678457: Naruto Sage Mode Cape
  • 10051811758: Nerd Emoji
  • 15134379147: Nerd Emoji V2

How to Find More Cape IDs for The Strongest Battlegrounds

IDs you use to generate capes in The Strongest Battlegrounds are IDs of images that are available as assets on the Roblox store. You can browse them on the Roblox Creator Hub Store. Once you’ve found an image you like, copy the asset ID from the URL and use it in-game.

For example (asset ID is bolded): “″

How to Make Custom Cape IDs for The Strongest Battlegrounds

If you want to make a completely custom cape, then you’ll need to upload a decal to the Creator Hub, which will then automatically be converted to an image. To do that, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Roblox Creator Hub.
  2. Log in with your account.
  3. Open your Dashboard.
  4. Switch to the Development Items tab.
  5. Select the Decals category.
  6. Click on Upload Asset.
  7. Select the file you wish to upload and fill out its name and description.
  8. Press Upload at the bottom.
  9. Wait for the decal and image generation to complete.
  10. Select the Images category.
  11. Hover your mouse over the image and then click on the three dots to show more options.
  12. Click on Copy Asset ID.
  13. Paste the ID into The Strongest Battlegrounds to get your custom cape.

Well, that does it for our list of the best cape IDs and how to make custom ones in The Strongest Battlegrounds. For more helpful Roblox guides just like this one, be sure to bookmark Twinfinite.

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