Best Tarisland barbarian build - a barbarian attacking a dragon

Best Tarisland Barbarian Build

Let's build a barbarian!

The barbarian is a strong warrior that can withstand a lot of punishment, but still, we have to be careful while developing our character. So let’s take a look at which skills and talents you need for the best Tarisland barbarian build. Keep reading to find out our best tips!

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What is the Best Tarisland Barbarian Build?

Best Thunder Barbarian Build

Ready to unleash the power of the storm unto your enemies? That’s what the Thunder Barbarian is all about. You will have to balance your Rage and Intelligence to deal maximum damage, taking care of the Sanity and Beastliness levels.

But let’s see what abilities you might want to focus on:

  • Wild Strike: With this basic attack, you get ten Beastliness for each one and deal damage equal to 43% of your attack skill plus 46. It can be triggered twice.
  • Axe Thunder: Using this ranged attack, you get 22 Sanity. It also deals 43% of your attack skill as per damage plus 46 points. Can be triggered twice.
  • Cyclone Turmoil: Attack with two axes at the same time. This deals damage for 25% of your attack skill plus 25 points. Cooldown is reduced for each enemy strike.
  • Bloodlust: Increase your overall attack by 15% plus ten points for 28 seconds, while it is active you can trigger Axe Thunder with no cooldown.

As for Ultimates, your Thunder Barbarian can choose from six different ones. But we recommend concentrating on the following ones, especially early on:

  • Beast Sprint: Unleash your inner animal and gain +70% movement speed for eight seconds.
  • Leap: Jump to a specific enemy or location, dealing 50% deceleration around 3m from the landing area.
  • HP Up: Recover 12% of your max HP for up to three times.
  • Slam: Interrupt the enemies’ casting by slamming into them.
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Finally, the following skills will help you build up a strong Thunder Barbarian:

  • Wild Frenzy: Increase your attack and haste by 0.75%, can be stacked up to three times.
  • Multi Strike: Each time you deal damage, this skill gives you a 13.5% chance of dealing more damage while using Wild Strike.
  • Rage Build Up: Consuming 100 points of Sanity or Beastliness will give you an 8% chance of refreshing the Bloodlust cooldown.

Best Frozen Barbarian Build

With its exceptional tanky-ness and a major focus on passive skills, rather than all-out fighting, the Frozen Barbarian is definitely built differently from your average fighter. Your main objective, as you are building up your character, is to build up your Runes and stack them up to protect the team around your barbarian.

Focus on the following abilities:

  • Frozen Rune: For each Rune you summon, get an aura of Firmness for your teammates and a 2% bonus to Dual Defense which is active during raids.
  • Storm Flying Axe: Summon ten Frozen Runes and strike an axe towards your target. It deals 111% total of your attack power and restoring health for 3% of your total (plus 149 HP).
  • Frost Strike: Using 15 Frozen Runes, inflict damage for 113% of your skill, plus 60 damage points. Your barbarian also gains a 65% damage reduction.
  • Death Fight: Your Dual Defense is enhanced for eight seconds, while your overall defense skill grows the more your HP is low.

As for Ultimates, you should focus on the following as you can attract the enemies’ attention and direct the attacks towards your strong barbarian:

  • Contempt: Your barbarian taunts enemies within 8 m, lasting for six seconds.
  • Mockery: Target an enemy for taunting, for six seconds.
  • Leap: Jump to a specific enemy or location, dealing 50% deceleration around 3m from the landing spot.

Finally, the following skills will help your Frost Barbarian:

  • Frost Cross: A stronger attack that replaces your Storm Flying Axe ability.
  • Storm Protect: After casting Frost Cross, the return of the axe will increase Glancing for 5% for four seconds. This you grow your Runes faster.
  • Quick Throw: With each hit for Frost Cross / Storm Flying Axe, it will reduce the cooldown of that ability for 1.5 seconds.

That’s all you need to know for the best barbarian build. For more builds information, check out our guides on the best Priest build and the best Ranger build.

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