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Best FTP Ayaka Teams in Genshin Impact 3.5

Ayaka's a pretty great investment for F2P players with these easy-to-build teams.

Kamisato Ayaka is one of the best DPS characters in the game. Considering there are so many great free-to-play Support characters, spending hard-saved primogems on great DPS like Ayaka is what many FTP players do. Here are the best FTP Ayaka teams in Genshin Impact 3.5, as well as some options for players that might not have the most optimal picks.

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Best Free-to-Play Permafreeze Ayaka Team

Rosaria is a good option for F2P Ayaka teams
Image Credit: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

For starters, a Hydro applicator is necessary for a permafreeze Ayaka team. Xingqiu is a top-tier option for FTP players because he’s so accessible. However, Barbara is another decent option, and the five-star standard-banner character, Mona, is another good choice. If you happen to have Kokomi or Ayato, they can be used as well. 

Besides that, there are a few different options for the other two party slots. Another Cryo character is a must to get the Elemental Resonance, so choosing a DPS someone like Kaeya (who everyone was given at the beginning of the game), Rosaria, or Chongyun are pretty good options to pick from. 

You can also use a Cryo Support, such as Diona or Layla. These are both shielders, and while Layla is the better option, a fully-built Diona is a solid option, too. Of course, Shenhe is another good pick here. However, she’s not always free-to-play friendly, but if you have her, use her with Ayaka – she’s one of her best Supports.

Anemo Supports that can infuse elements can also be handy if they’re built, such as Sucrose. If you have Kazuha or Venti, they’re a great option as well. 

Why Permafreeze Ayaka Teams Are the Best

Ayaka strong free-to-play teams
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Permafreeze teams are some of the strongest teams for Cryo because of how well Freezing an enemy can buff characters. With Blizzard Strayer, characters have two additional 20% Crit Rate buffs, along with a 15% Cryo Damage buff. 

With the extra Crit Rate, there’s more room to build Crit Damage and other things specific characters need. This also helps free-to-play players because it gives them more leeway with Artifacts to help efficiently use resin. 

Plus, with how quickly and consistently she can dish out Cryo damage, Ayaka makes it easy to use a variety of characters and get the same results.

Other Decent F2P Teams For Ayaka 

Bennett and FTP Ayaka teams
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Permafreeze is the best option for Ayaka. However, if you’re relatively new to the game, you may not have a mix of those characters available. There are two other great options available: Melt and Mono-Cryo.

Melt teams with Ayaka utilize Bennet and Xiangling to Melt as much as possible. This isn’t generally where Ayaka shines because of the internal cooldowns on her abilities. Essentially, her abilities can only melt so quickly, and since that’s the main point of the team, it doesn’t work very well without constant Melts. However, Ayaka’s damage output is so high that she’ll still feel pretty strong in these teams.

Mono-Cryo teams are another way some choose to use Ayaka. These teams consist of all Cryo characters. The only real way that this team goes wrong is by including Aloy, Eula, or Mika on it. Mika and Eula are more focused on physical damage while Aloy has a similar problem that Melt Ayaka does – internal cooldowns make it incredibly difficult to reliably proc Cryo damage and therefore doesn’t fully utilize the best parts of a Mono-Cryo team. 

That’s all we have for the best FTP Ayaka Teams in Genshin Impact 3.5. For more 3.5 guides, check out Mika’s character guide, the 4-star Cryo character coming with Ayaka’s rerun banner.

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