How to Beat Venom in Spider-Man 2
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How to Beat Venom in Spider-Man 2

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Although Kraven relentlessly hunts you during the first half of Spider-Man 2, the final boss of this game is actually Venom. For those struggling against this boss, we have made this useful guide on how to beat Venom in Spider-Man 2, containing various tips.

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Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight Guide

As the final boss of Spider-Man 2, Venom boasts five distinct phases, with the last one being a quick-time event stage. The most useful gadget you have in your arsenal is the Sonic Burst, so make sure you fully upgrade it. You can also use the Upshot gadget, but the rest are pretty useless against the hulking mammoth.

Phase One

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight Phase 1.
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The boss arena in phase one is a football stadium that has been broken into three pieces. On each platform, there will be a machine that you can activate to release high-frequency sound. Like all Symbiotes, Venom will be vulnerable for several seconds, allowing you to land your hits.

Venom has three move combos that you need to either dodge or parry. The boss also has an unblockable attack where he will grab you using his tentacle arm. If you see blue circles around Venom’s head, you must dodge out of the way, or you’ll get hurt.

Every time you reduce a quarter of the boss’ health bar, Venom will infect the ground, and you must move to another part of the football field. If the monster jumps to the center of the arena and releases a wave of tentacles, you have to leap to a nearby tall object using L2 and R2.

Phase Two

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight Phase 2.
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You will still stay in the football arena during phase two. However, Venom will sometimes summon groups of Symbiotes during the battle. You must eliminate them before they become too much of a nuisance.

Venom’s health bar will also be covered by some sort of barrier. The only way to remove it is to use Anti-Symbiote skills. Once the shield is gone, you can deal with the boss using the same tactics you used in phase one.

Phase Three

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight Phase 3.
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In phase three, you will control Miles, who will fight Venom inside the Emily-May Foundation building. Venom will stay airborne for most of the fight and launch several projectiles at you. Besides the usual energy projectile, He will also shoot a large chunk of rock that you can send back by holding L1 and R1.

Once the boss is stunned, you can safely get close and land your hits. When you remove one-third of Venom’s health, the alien will drop to the ground, and you can fight him like in the previous phases.

Unfortunately, the monster will fly again once you remove another chunk of his health. You can use the same tactic as before to end phase three.

Phase Four

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight Phase 4.
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Miles will continue his fight with Venom in phase four. Besides the usual moves, Venom will also release a wave of Symbiote tendrils on the ground. You can dodge this attack by jumping to any tall object in the boss arena.

In this area, you will also find three glowing canisters wrapped up by large tentacles. Throwing these objects at Venom will stun the boss for several seconds and interrupt his attacks.

When you reduce his health to half, the boss will unfurl his wings again. As usual, you must dodge his projectiles and tentacle attacks, and you can use your abilities to stun him.

Phase Five

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom Boss Fight Phase 5.
Image Source: Insomniac Games via Twinfinite

The final phase of the Venom boss fight is a series of quick-time events. You must either spam the Square button or press the L1 + Square combo. The timings are quite forgiving, and you should be able to complete them easily.

After you defeat Venom, you will watch the ending scenes and enter the post-game section. If you still want to play more but have no idea what to do, I recommend reading the 10 things to do after beating Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 list.

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