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10 Things to Do After Beating Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (Post Game/ End Game)

I was born to be Spider-Man!

While the battle may be over, the life of a hero never has to stop with the ongoing threat of New York’s deadly enemies. Thankfully, Peter Parker doesn’t have to do it alone this time with Miles Morales’ help, giving the player plenty of end-game content as they wield the two characters. But, if you are still webbing for something after its conclusion, here are 10 things you can do after beating Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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Complete All Photo Ops

Miles Taking a Photo
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The beloved Photo Ops challenges have returned in Spider-Man 2, with a twist of focusing more on the New York City residents and less on the structures. You’ve probably already snapped a few pictures while progressing through the main story, but there are many more wonders out there that need to be captured.

What makes these challenges even better is the fact you never know what you’re going to get, and it somehow always ends up being a welcomed surprise. On top of that, it can get you a lot more established in the city and make traveling all the more worth it just for the chance to get that perfect shot. And, while you are at it, maybe you can try to take some photos of your own and possibly recreate famous scenes from the comics, films, or TV shows.

Obtain All Suits

All Spider-Man 2 Suits
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With Peter and Miles combined, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time collecting the resources for all their suits. In total, there are 68 outfits that you can get your hands on, which can be unlocked through side-story content and general tasks around the city. Even if you acquire all these suits, you’ll still need to obtain the various designs for certain gear, changing up the color of the base version.

Although these outfits don’t have their own distinct perks like the original, players can upgrade the entire collection. Some enhancements require you to make a choice, and it’s up to you to pick them out based on your playstyle. In particular, if you love retaliating against enemy attacks, it’s best to select the Rejuvenating Parry instead of the Confidence Boost, as it will allow you to gain health with each successful parry.

Max Out Peter & Miles’ Skills, Gadgets, & Level

Peter and Miles Max Skill Level in Spider-Man 2
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There’s certainly a lot of ground to cover when it comes to Peter and Miles’ ranks and upgrades, especially now that the Skill Tree features three sizable sections. Regardless of whether you’ve maxed out their skills individually, you’ll need to complete their shared attributes, which can take some time to rack up with the required parts.

Players can also tinker around with the gadget system, helping them out in the long run whenever a fight gets too intense. With all the upgrades combined, you’ll eventually reach the max level cap, where no enemy can stand in Miles and Peter’s way.

Help With EMF Experiments

EMF Experiment Hub in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Peter Parker has always been quite the scientist, and now he can put those skills to the test with the EMF experiments. It can be a bit tricky to master, though, so you may need to take your time with the more advanced puzzles. If anything, you can utilize the handy redo button whenever you encounter Corruption puzzles, one of the most common objectives of the saga.

Not every challenge will be the same, and you can look forward to new minigames if you want something different. The end result of the EMF experiments can also give you more insight into what’s to come for a potential Spider-Man 3, with an added bonus of a stylish suit reward.

Achieve the Gold Rank in All Mysterium Challenges

Mysterium Challenge in Spider-Man 2
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While the Mysterium challenges don’t require you to get the gold rank, it still is incredibly satisfying to get the achievement, especially with the ones that almost seem downright impossible. Luckily, it isn’t as challenging as the Screwballed trophy in the Marvel’s Spider-Man Silver Lining DLC, considering that many tasks exhibit an extended time limit in the sequel.

The only ones that may prove difficult are the Invisible Enemy and Under Construction quests, where you may want to max out the two heroes to help you with your timing. I know I did my fair share of restarting these missions over and over again, yet the end result of that gold rank will genuinely make you feel like a hero.

Take Down All Hunter Bases & Symbiote Nests

Spider-Man 2 Enemies
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As the friendly neighborhood Spider-Men, you’ll need to take down hordes of bad guys around the city, primarily involving the Hunters and the Symbiote Nests. It’s up to you to save New York residents from the corruption of the Symbiote, and you can unleash the Sonic Burst gadget to help you stun the wild beasts temporarily.

When it comes to the Hunters, players must locate their hidden bases with the Unidentified Targets, requiring you to fly around the city in a fast-paced race. Even more so, you can unravel Kraven’s secrets with each base takedown, specifically with his complicated family tree.

Finish Side Story Content

Yuri and Peter in Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Image Source: Insomniac Games via Twinfinite

Compared to the original, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a ton of more side-story content, from Peter’s The Flame questline to Miles’ Brooklyn Visions adventures. Some of these will even reward you with a special suit, like Miles’ stylish City Sounds outfit that can be unlocked after the Cultural Museum saga.

Not only are these missions helpful with upgrades and district completions, but they also bring out some of the most heartfelt scenes that’ll either leave you smiling or in tears. And, if you are a massive fan of the first installment, you’ll see several familiar faces to help tie up some loose ends from the previous storyline.

Clear Out All Districts

Miles in the city of New York
Image Source: Insomniac Games via Twinfinite

Now that we’ve discussed some of the major objectives to complete, it’s time to talk about each district as a whole. Instead of clearing out all crime like in the first game, you’ll need to find every collectible within a specific area, as well as the completion of other objectives. That means you must check off every task on the district’s list, such as Marko’s Memories, Spider-Bots (I highly recommend completing this if you’re a Spider-Verse fan), and FNSM Requests.

Fortunately, small-scale locations will only have a select few amount of objectives, but more significant destinations like the Finacial District will require more time. The map, in general, has been expanded since the last time, incorporating both Miles and Peter’s stomping grounds; therefore, you’re going to have your hands full to get that 100 percent completion.

Play the Game on Ultimate Difficulty

Ultimate Difficulty Level in Spider-Man 2
Image Source: Insomniac Games via Twinfinite

Even if New Game+ isn’t available in Spider-Man 2’s current state, you can still experience everything all over with a much more challenging difficulty level. The Ultimate playthrough ups the ante with many mechanics, including higher aggressiveness with enemies, damage rates, and health. As you may expect, everything will be much harder, and you must master the dodge and parry to avoid being downed.

On the other hand, you can try out the level prior (Spectacular) when the going gets tough and then work your way to Ultimate. There may still be a New Game+ added on at a later date, so players can at least have an easier time using the materials they’ve unlocked with a previous playthrough.

Get the Platinum Trophy

Spider-Man visiting Ben and May Parker's Grave
Image Source: Insomniac Games via Twinfinite

Besides the standard collectibles and upgrades, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features several hidden tasks linked to the game’s notable trophy system. You may want to get out your tissue boxes for a couple of them, primarily with Peter’s sorrowful return visit to Ben Parker’s grave (now with Aunt May) and Miles’ heart-rending memory of the science trophy he shared with Phin.

On the brighter side, several trophies provide you with more stuff to do around New York, from running around the bases at Big Apple Stadium to an unforgettable flight experience across the Financial District and Astoria. The game will even reward you with a trophy for failing a trick before taking a tumble to the ground. It may be embarrassing, but hey, at least you get a trophy for trying.

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