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Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes

You don't need to collect the Dragon Balls for these codes!

As a sequel to the hit Anime Fighting Simulator, the X installment gets you back into the battlefield with the latest revamped mechanics. You’ll see notable characters like Goku, Naruto, and Luffy as they go against their villainous counterparts across various franchises. So, if you want to claim some rewards for your journey, here are all the available Anime Fighting Simulator X codes.

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All Available Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes

  • NEWSCALING – 2 Stats Boosts, 1 Luck Boosts, and 75K Candy Corns (New)
  • UPDATE6BUGFIXES – 2 Stat Boosts and 2 Yen Boosts
  • HALLOWEEN2023 – 50K Chikara, 2 stats boosts, 2 yen boosts, and 5K Candy Corns (New)
  • sorryforyenboosts – 3 Yen Boosts
  • DIMENSION2 – 50k Chikara, 2 Stats Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts!
  • THANKSFOR175K – 2 Stat Boosts and 1 Fighting Pass Ticket
  • FIGHTINGPASSISBACK – 2 Stat Boosts, 2 Yen Boosts, 50k Chikara, and 1 Fighting Pass Ticket
  • QuickShutdown – 1 Stats Boost and 1 Yen Boost
  • 150K150K – 2 Stats Boosts and 2 Yen Boosts
  • OMGUPDATE3OMG – 2 Stats Boosts and 2 Yen Boosts
  • Bandites – 5k Chikara
  • bugFixwithYenOMG – 2 Stats Boosts and 2 Tournaments Coins Boosts
  • 125KLIKESOMG – 2 Stats Boosts and 2 Yen Boosts
  • UPDATE2OUTNOW – 2 Stat Boosts, and 2 Yen Boosts
  • AnotherQuickPatchUpdate – 1 Stat Boost and 1 Yen Boost
  • LETSGO100K – 20,000 Chikara shards, 2 Eri Shards, and 2 Stat Boosts
  • UPDATE1OUTNOW – 2 Stat Boosts and 10K Chikara
  • 75KLIKESOMG – 2 Stat Boosts and 10K Chikara
  • NICESHUTDOWN – 1 Stat Boost and 1 Yen Boost
  • AWESOME50KLIKES – 10K Chikara and 2 Stat Boosts 
  • RELEASE – 5,000 Chikara
  • 35KWOW – 10,000 Chikara and +2 Stats Boosts
  • bruh3shutdowns – 5,000 Chikara
  • 10KLIKESTHANKYOU – 10,000 Chikara
  • bugsFixes – +1 Stats Boost
  • anotherBugFixes – +1 Stats Boost
  • OMG20KLIKES – 2 Shiny Rocks
  • sorryForShutdown – 1 Shiny Rock

Chikaras are one of the primary sources of currencies that can be used for upgrades, and you can exchange them at the Capsule or Stand (purple icons on the mini-map.) The other resources can also help players improve their character’s performance and unlock new abilities.

If you want to keep track of updates, you can follow the BlockZone Twitter account, where you can receive the latest codes for the game.

How to Enter Codes in Anime Fighting Simulator X

To enter a code for the Anime Fighting Simulator sequel, select the three dots icon on the left side of the screen and press ‘Codes’ to claim your rewards.

Codes in Anime Fighting Simulator X
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Keep in mind that codes may be subject to change, so you may need to use another string if one is no longer available. You must also ensure you’ve typed the correct line since they are case-sensitive.

Players can look at their inventory on the right side of the screen to see if their gifts have arrived. Additionally, you can grab more goodies in the store to boost your fighter’s performance further.

That covers everything you need to know about all the Anime Fighting Simulator X codes, and you can explore more Roblox content by checking out the relevant links below, including exclusive content for Anime Adventures.

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