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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Where to Find KK Slider

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is out and fans everywhere have been starting their new island adventure. You might be wondering about seeing some familiar faces on the island. Here is where to find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Where to Find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons

After the first day on the island, you’ll go to sleep after a nice bonfire celebrating your first night. KK Slider will appear with his iconic guitar to tell you a little about your adventure.

However, if you want KK Slider to actually visit your island, it’s going to take a lot of work. First off you’ll need to have eight residents in your town, which will happen over the course of your day to day activities with Tom Nook.

You will also need to have built the museum, Nook’s Cranny, the campsite, and have fully upgraded your Resident Services building. After this, you’ll unlock the island evaluation feature.

This allows you to go to resident services and request an evaluation from Isabelle. Once your island reaches a three-star ranking, KK Slider will show up to play a show on Saturday nights in the plaza just outside of Resident Services.

Some easy ways to increase your town’s rating are to plant flowers and fruit trees, pave walkways, and build nice outdoor furniture for your villagers to enjoy.

You can request songs from KK after 6 pm and he will even give you the track to take home with you after the show.

Time needed: 7 days

Here’s a quick recap of where to find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  1. Residents

    You’ll need to have eight residents on your island.

  2. Upgrade

    Upgrading the resident services building completely.

  3. Build Everything

    You’ll need to build Nook’s Cranny, the museum, and the campsite.

  4. Ask Isabelle for an Island Evaluation

    Receive a three-star rating from Isabelle.

  5. Wait Until Saturday

    KK Slider will play a concert on your island Saturday night.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to find KK Slider in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more tips, tricks and guides be sure to check out our extensive and ever-expanding Guide Wiki, or just search Twinfinite.

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