The Sole Survivor walking through a forest in Fallout 76.
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All Skyline Valley Rewards in Fallout 76

Goods and Gear

Fallout 76’s latest update, Chapter 17, is one of the biggest to come to the game yet. The update introduces a new region and a wide selection of new events, missions, and features, Of course, these events offer a variety of different rewards. Here are all of the Fallout 76 Skyline Valley rewards.

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Dangerous Pastime

PlanBurnt Vault 63 Chemist Coat, Burnt Vault 63 Lab Coat, Burnt Vault 63 Recon Outfit, Burnt Vault 63 Recon Helmet, Burnt Vault 63 Riot Control Outfit, Burnt Vault 63 Riot Control Helmet, Burnt Vault 63 Security Outfit, Burnt Vault 63 Security Outfit Helmet, Lightning Harvester, Lost Tube, Moe the Mole Safety Cutout, Shenandoah T-Shirt and Slacks, Shenandoah Turkey Poster, Wildlife Bear Trail Sign, Wildlife Deer Trail Sign, Wildlife Turkey Trail Sign, Wildlife Wolf Trail Sign
WeaponRed Terror (Light Machine Gun), Vault 63-BERTHA (Tesla Rifle)
GenericAmmo, Consumable Items, Improved Repair Kits, Legendary Cores, Treasury Notes

Neurological Warfare

PlanGoliath Braincase Display, Goliath Braincase Throne, Goliath Claw Display, Goliath Leg Display, Moe the Mole Bear Poster, Moe the Mole Fire Poster, Moe the Mole Trash Poster, Mounted Thrasher, Shenandoah Map Table, Shenandoah Road Sign, Storm Goliath Figure, Taxidermy Thrasher, Thrasher Plushie Backpack, Vault 63 Recon Outfit, Vault 63 Recon Helmet, Vault 63 Riot Control Outfit, Vault 63 Riot Control Helmet, Vault 63 Security Outfit, Vault 63 Security Helmet, Vault 63 Shock Baton Blueprint, Vault 63 Weather Machine Blueprint, Vault 63 Zweihander Blueprint
WeaponAnchorage Ace 10mm (SMG), Vault 63-OLGA (Laser Rifle), Vault 63-HELGA (Gattling Laser)
GenericAmmo, Consumable Items, Flux, Improved Repair Kits, Legendary Cores, Treasury Notes
Fallout 76 Chapter 17 Rewards
Image Source: Bethesda

Quest Rewards

  • Between the Lines: Cassidy’s Favorite Painting (Plan)
  • Oldest Trick in the Book: Cultist Monarch Mask (Plan), Cultist Monarch Outfit (Plan)
  • The Calm Before: Lost Burnt Vault Jumpsuit (Plan)
  • An Unlikely Invitation: Pip-Boy 2000 Burnt Paint (Plan)
  • The Powerhouse of the Cell: Severed Lost Hand (Plan)
  • Into Lands Unknown: Shenandoah Park Sign (Plan)
  • Gathering Clouds: Vault 63 hazmat Suit (Plan)
  • Double-Crossed Wires: Shattered Grounds (Weapon, Assault Rifle/Single Shot Rifle)
  • Seeking Shelter: Ticket to Revenge (Railway Rifle)
  • Housekeeping for Hire: Vault 63 Shock Baton (Weapon)
  • The Eye of the Storm: Vault 63 Zweihander Storm Cutter (Weapon)

Daily Operations

RareFoundry Smelter (Plan), Steel Bust (Plan)
UncommonAtlantic Emblem (Plan), Aquarium Signs (Plan), Long Aquarium Signs (Plan)

It’s possible that more rewards will be uncovered as more and more people delve into Skyline Valley. We’ll keep you updated whenever we find new information. In the meantime, why not check out how to access Skyline Valley so you can get started collecting these goodies? We’ve also got guides on getting the Ticket to Revenge rifle and the current server status.

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