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How to Access New Skyline Valley Area in Fallout 76

Explore new spaces in Fallout 76!

Fallout 76 brings an exciting expansion to Appalachia, which allows Vault Dwellers to travel further south to the new Skyline Valley. The first major expansion of this world’s map includes new locations and regions to explore and even some unfriendly creatures to encounter. Find out below how to access the new Skyline Valley area in Fallout 76.

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How to Find the New Skyline Valley Area in Fallout 76

Skyline Valley is in the south of Appalachia in Fallout 76. You can find Skyline Valley easily by venturing to the Savage Divide and heading south. It is recommended that players find Vault 96 (or the RNG Station nearby) and travel south towards the ominous-looking cloud formation. The entrance into the new area is not marked on the map but it looks like a simple wooden archway over a dirt path that forks off the path from Vault 96.

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What To Discover at Skyline Valley

You will probably wonder what awaits you in Skyline Valley as you enter this new space. Skyline Valley has a new faction (The Lost) to meet, Vault 63 to discover, and over 25 named locations! Watch your back as you explore as there is a strange, mutated turkey-like creature on the hunt.

skyline valley fallout 76
Image Source: Bethesda

Here are the locations you will find at Skyline Valley:

  1. Johnson’s Acre
  2. Ranger Station Bunker
  3. Makeout Point
  4. Shenadoah Visitor Center
  5. Thunder Mountain Substation TM-03
  6. Hawksbill Weather Station
  7. Three Ponds
  8. Grindstone Arch
  9. High Knob Lookout
  10. Research Site Rhineland
  11. Dark Hollow Manor
  12. Trading Post
  13. Abandoned Convoy
  14. Shining Creek Cavern
  15. Research Site Bavaria
  16. Stony Man Lookout
  17. Trading Post
  18. Rapidan Camp
  19. Naked Creek
  20. Research Site Saxony
  21. Old Cremora Mines
  22. Big Meadows Gas Well
  23. Slumber Mill Motel
  24. South River Bridge
  25. Camp Liberty
  26. Old Rag Lookout

Where will you visit first when you are exploring the new Skyline Valley area in Fallout 76? For more Fallout fun why not find out how long you will last in the wasteland? We’ve also got guides on how to get the Ticket to Revenge weapon and the current server status.

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