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How to Get New Ticket to Revenge Weapon in Fallout 76

A new weapon arrives!

The latest Fallout 76 expansion, titled Skyline Valley, is finally here! As the first major map expansion in the game’s history, and hot off the heels of the successful Amazon Prime show, plenty of eyes are on the game. One of the update’s main features is a brand-new railway gun, but it isn’t particularly easy to acquire. Here’s how to get the Ticket to Revenge weapon in Fallout 76.

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How Do You Get Ticket to Revenge in Fallout 76?

The only way to get the Ticket to Revenge gun in Fallout 76 is to complete the Seeking Shelter quest. It is the first main quest tied to the Skyline Valley update, so you can’t miss it provided you’ve started playing through the new content.

Seeking Shelter is the fifth main quest in the Skyline Valley expansion, and the second within the Hugo Stolz storyline. To begin the quest, ensure you’ve already completed the Between The Lines quest granted by Stolz. Following that, you’ll find the ghoul Audrey Stolz in Vault 63, who you can interact with to begin Seeking Shelter.

Since the Skyline Valley update has yet to release and is only accessible in testing lobbies, we don’t yet know exactly what the quest consists of. Regardless, once you’ve completed it you get the following rewards:

  • Ticket to Revenge weapon
  • Aid items
  • Grenades
  • XP
  • Bottlecaps
  • Railway spikes
Audrey Stolz in Fallout 76.
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Fallout 76 Ticket to Revenge Perks

Once you’ve completed the pre-requisite mission and have access to the Ticket to Revenge railway gun, you can level it up to three times. Check out the table below to see the unique perks that come with each level-up:

1As your HP decreases the gun’s damage increases, up to a maximum of 95%.
2Change of landing a VATS critical hit increased by 50%
3VATS critical charge increased by 15%

That’s everything you need to know about getting and using the new Ticket to Revenge weapon in Fallout 76! For more on the game, check out where to find Strangler Bloom and how to play instruments.

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