All Skins Included in the Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event

All Skins Included in the Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event

There are some really nice skins available in the Beast of Prey event.

A new collection event has started in Apex Legends called Beast of Prey. This event brings a new total of 21 skins to Apex Legends of both Legendary and Epic rarity. Below you’ll find the full breakdown of all skins included in the Apex Legends Beast of Prey collection event.

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All Beast of Prey Legendary Character Skins

Bounty Hunter Legendary Fuse Skin

Bounty Hunter Fuse

Healing Huntress Legendary Lifeline Skin

Healing Huntress Lifeline

Thrill of the Hunt Legendary Loba Skin

Thrill of the Hunt Loba

Die Tired Legendary Octane Skin

Die Tired Octane

Search and Destroy Legendary Pathfinder Skin

Search and Destroy Pathfinder

Frozen Carnage Legendary Rampart Skin

Frozen Carnage Rampart

Brood Mother Legendary Horizon Skin

Brood Mother Horizon

All Beast of Prey Legendary Weapon Skins

Mark of Death Legendary Alternator Skin

Mark of Death Alternator

Chunky Tech Legendary Havoc Skin

Chunky Tech Havoc

Toxic Takedown Legendary Peacekeeper Skin

Toxic Takedown Peacekeeper

Secondary Jaw Legendary Rampage Skin

Secondary Jaw Rampage

Gold Talons Legendary Prowler Skin

Gold Talons Prowler

Arctic Calibration Legendary Devotion Skin

Arctic Calibration Devotion

This skin is available for free in the Beast of Prey Prize Tracker and earned by reaching 3500 points before the end of the event.

Killer Carapace Legendary Flatline Skin

Killer Carapace Flatline

This skin is also available for free in the Prize Tracker and players must acquire the full 5000 points to unlock it.

All Beast of Prey Epic Character Skins

Hollow One Epic Gibraltar Skin

Hollow One Gibraltar

Blight Walker Epic Revenant Skin

Blight Walker Revenant

Stalker Epic Vantage Skin

Stalker Vantage

This Vantage skin can be unlocked for free in the Prize Tracker by reaching 3000 points.

All Beast of Prey Epic Weapon Skins

Toxic Waste Epic CAR Skin

Toxic Waste CAR

Noxious Spray Epic Hemlok Skin

Noxious Spray Hemlok

Bloody Gold Epic Longbow Skin

Bloody Gold Longbow

Arctic Fox Epic Wingman Skin

Arctic Fox Wingman

That is every new legendary and epic skin added with the new Beast of Prey collection event in Apex Legends. Don’t worry, you have two weeks from today to make up your mind on whether or not you want to drop actual money to get these.

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