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All Regions in Hades 2 Explained

Learn what every region in Hades 2 holds

Hades 2 is twice as large as the first game and comes with that many more areas. It’s not just about size, though; the game has really ramped up the creativity and every area has its own unique aesthetic, enemies, and mechanics. Today we’ll go over all the regions in Hades 2 and their unique mechanics.

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All Regions in Hades 2

The Crossroads

The Crossroads will be your central hub in Hades 2, much like the House of Hades from the first game. Here you will meet your allies, cast incantations, purchase materials, swap through weapons and aspects, and choose which path to take.

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Speaking of paths, there are two paths in Hades 2. The first path takes you from Erebus to Oceanus, then to the Mourning Fields, and lastly all the way down to Tartarus. However, the second path sees your ascent to Olympus on the surface, where you start from the City of Ephyra, cross the Rift of Thessaly, and eventually climb your way up to Olympus. Each of these regions is unique, and we’ll go over all the unique mechanics they have to offer, starting with Erebus.


The dense forests of Erebus are essentially the training grounds where you will learn all the basics of Hades 2. The layout is very formulaic, and the enemies are fairly standard and have simple abilities. Unique mechanics in this area involve the breakable trees that deal a ton of damage in the direction you break them, and the Witching Ward circles you can unlock with incantations. Arachne the Spider is the helper in this area, and she will craft you an enchanted Armor.

The start of your journey in Hades 2 forest of erebus
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After the forests of Erebus, we get the watery and compact rooms of Oceanus. Oceanus feels like going through a sewage system with its own set of environmental dangers. From water pumps that stun you to explosive barriers to steam-spewing pipes and floor vents, you need to be vigilant of your surroundings at all times. The Seahorse and Crab enemies here are particularly formidable, but the hordes of small fish are no joke either. Narcissus will be the helper for this region since he wants to admire himself and have you go away.

hades 2 oceanus room options region
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Fields of Mourning

After the musky and tight pipeways of Oceanus, you are sent to the vast open Fields of Mourning where tormented shades roam the eternal plains. Unlike previous areas, it’s hard to tell where one room starts and ends. The encounters in this place are different as each room will be quite large, feature multiple rewards and multiple minor boons, and you choose the order of encounters via interacting with the sealed reward you want.

Hades 2 the fields of mourning overview region
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Enemies here are no joke as you deal with powerful Lamias, Lycans, and some powerful boxer enemies. You can even run into mini-bosses from Erebus here as regular enemies. What makes matters worse are the thorns strewn about and the depressing miasma that will spawn and seek to slow you down. Despite all these challenges, the Fields of Mourning are incredibly rewarding. The helper here is the cursed nymph Echo,


Our final area before challenging Chronos is our return to Tartarus. Tartarus is unique as, unlike all the other areas, the rooms here don’t award you with boons or buffs of any kind. The numbered rooms require you to go through 5 encounters before facing Chronos, and choosing the doors with rewards is entirely optional.

Hades 2 Melinoe stands over tartarus clockwork chamber
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The enemies here are no joke either as the Wretched Thugs are back and more powerful than ever. The Satyrs are also formidable foes which can summon pests to assail you. To make matters worse, Goldwraiths fire lasers all over the place, and skulls chase you down. Did we mention the lasers and traps in each room? Getting through Tartarus is not easy, but it rewards you with a ton of gold to spend in the end. The helper here is Melinoe’s father, Hades himself, chained up with Cerberus by his side.

Clear out Tartarus and go face Chronos to finally free the House of Hades from the shackles of time. However, this might take several attempts, so prepare for a struggle against time itself.


The City of Ephyra is one of the most unique Regions in Hades 2 because of how you’re meant to approach it. After the first two rooms, you enter the city plaza and have access to around a dozen different doors and a single health fountain. Unlike every single other region in Hades 2, Ephyra gives you the choice to explore six rooms out of a selection of 12. You have a lot more choice over how you customise your build. The bat’s cages give you a bird’s eye view and each room can open up a secret mini-room with a minor find. The helper here is the Witch, Medea.

Hades 2 city of ephyra all symbols
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If you don’t like the Boons you have available or the rooms at your disposal, restarting a run in Ephyra is pretty easy, and you can get the perfect start for a brand-new run.

Rift of Thessaly

Lastly(as far as Early Access is concerned) we have the Rift of Thessaly. Easily, one of the most challenging locations in Hades 2, you have to go across various undead ships to reach the shore past the rift. The maps are full of oil hazards, dangerous undead enemies which can easily overwhelm you, and tight spaces. You might have to fight multiple battles on one ship or go to the next ship immediately.

Hades 2 Melinoe watches a fleet of glowing green ships sail through the Rift of Thessia region
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Due to the tight spaces and powerful and wide enemy attacks, you’re expected to always remain on the offensive in this area; any slip-up could mean death. The helper for this area is Circe, the witch of changing.

That’s all you need to know about all regions in Hades 2 and their unique mechanics. For more guides, learn about all the bosses in Hades 2 and all the materials in Hades 2.

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