How Has Rainmaker Ranked Mode Changed in Splatoon 3 Answered

All Rainmaker Ranked Mode Changes in Splatoon 3

Learn all about how Rainmaker Ranked Mode has changed in Splatoon 3.

There are different ways in which players can enjoy a game like Splatoon 3, but competitive play definitely ranks among the best ways to show off your skills with your teammates, especially in Ranked play. One of those modes just so happens to be Rainmaker, and in the new sequel, the game has switched things up a bit. If you are curious to find out about how Rainmaker Ranked Mode has changed in Splatoon 3, read on.

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Has Rainmaker Ranked Mode Changed in Splatoon 3?

The quick answer to that query is a resounding yes. In the new Rainmaker Ranked Mode in Splatoon 3, games will no longer end that quickly as players must now carry the Rainmaker to a checkpoint before they can head to the end point.

Each game will have two different checkpoints about halfway to the end point with clear markers indicating where they are. If a player plants the Rainmaker on a checkpoint, the checkpoint will lower and another will pop up closer to the final goal. The shield will reform, and either team can then break the shield and take the Rainmaker.

Rainmaker checkpoint splatoon 3

To keep players updated, when the Rainmaker is held, there is a new UI element showing which player has it in your special gauge as well as the squid UI at the top of the screen, so keep a look out.

That’s everything you’ll need to know about how Rainmaker Ranked Mode has changed in Splatoon 3. In order to get your game up to speed, be sure to check out our other guides including how to sprint and run faster, how to heal, and learn more about upgrading weapons. Otherwise, you can peruse other related content below.

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