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All New Skins in Overwatch 2 Season 2

Here's every new skin available in Overwatch 2's Season 2.

Overwatch 2 shifted on launch to include an 80-Tier Battle Pass containing new content with each Seasonal release that follows a different theme. Season 1 sent players on the grind for Cyberpunk-themed content, including a unique, customizable Genji Mythic skin. With Season 2’s release now live, a new Mythology-themed Battle Pass has made its way into the game, letting players gain new skins for Ramattra, Soldier 76, Ana, Echo, Pharah, Tracer, Symmetra, and ending on a Mythic Junker Queen skin. If you’re looking to jump into the game and get grinding on the Battle Pass tiers for these new skins, then look no further; we’ve compiled a complete list of these new cosmetics. Without further ado, Here are all new skins in Overwatch Season 2.

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Ramattra – Debut Skins

Rammatra's purchasable skins from the Overwatch 2 Hero Gallery.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

While these aren’t obtainable on the Battle Pass, Ramattra is the latest Hero addition in Season 2 of Overwatch 2, and just as any hero who makes it into the game, a small collection of skins are available for purchase in the Hero Gallery. These are Ramattra’s debut skins, meaning they should always be available, and aren’t locked by any events. These skins are as follows:

Top Row (Left to Right):

  • Overwatch 2 (Common/Default)
  • Detachment (Rare)
  • Discipline (Rare)
  • Reverence (Rare)

Bottom Row (Left to Right):

  • Wisdom (Rare)
  • Travelling Monk (Legendary)
  • Wandering Monk (Legendary)
  • Construction (Epic)

Soldier 76 – Bug Hero

Soldier 76's Bug Hero skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Starting as a Tier 1 reward for buying the Battle Pass is a new Soldier 76 skin titled Bug Hero. While it’s definitely not the best skin on the Battle Pass, it sure is, well, interesting to look at. As far as Bug Hero 76 goes, I’m not sure if I love it or hate it, but the compound eye tactical visor looks like something that could grow on me. Besides, this can’t be the worst Soldier 76 Skin in existence, right? At least it’s at the beginning of the Battle Pass, meaning the skins can only get better going forward.

Symmetra – Cobra Queen

Symettra's Cobra Queen skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Available as a reward at Battle Pass Tier 10 is Symmetra’s Cobra Queen Skin. This cosmetic gives her a monochromatic palette, complete with some stylish shades and snake-themed decals on her clothing. While it’s not the most eye-catching Sym skin, it’s still somewhat cool to look at, and the majestic theme of a Queen Cobra does suit her character. It’s just a shame they didn’t incorporate a little splash of yellow in there somewhere as a nod to the animal the skin is supposedly based on. Can I see myself personally using this skin? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent addition to Sym’s Hero Gallery.

Ramattra – Poseidon

Ramattra's Poseidon skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

At Tier 20, things start to get exciting and jump more into the Mythology theme with Ramattra’s Poseidon skin. Like Kiriko, who received a Legendary skin on the Battle Pass during the Season of her OW2 debut, Ramattra gets the same attention. And boy, is this a cool skin. Seriously, does that not make you want to pick up Ramattra and start Tanking against the enemy team as the God of the Sea? This is one of the best Season 2 Battle Pass skins, and we’ll likely all see plenty of it floating around our matches this Season.

Ana – Botanist

Ana's Botanist skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Ana’s Tier 30 Botanist skin reward is a relatively simple concept, but it seems to suit her very well. While there’s nothing super busy going on in this cosmetic, the color palette of the tans and whites combined with the bright green make it very easy on the eye. On top of this, Ana’s Biotic Rifle features a plant-themed paint job and leaf decals as a nice little touch. The only thing that could make this skin better is a wholesome little emote of Ana interacting with or studying some plants, setting the theme in stone.

Echo – Dance Machine

Echo's Dance Machine skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Tier 40 of Season 2’s Battle Pass grants Echo’s new Dance Machine skin as a reward. This is another exciting concept, adding even more awesomeness to our favorite ability-copying Omnic. Not only does this skin brighten Echo’s appearance with the vibrant purples, but the multicolor section of her wings even changes slightly, glowing different colors. How cool is that? Plus, with the theme of Dance Machine, I can only imagine how good it would look in Echo’s Fan Dance Highlight Intro when someone scores a play of the game highlight.

Tracer – Street Urchin

Tracer's Street Urchin skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Available as Tier 50’s reward is Tracer’s new Street Urchin skin. I’m not sure about you, but this one disappoints me, especially for a Tier 50 reward. I can understand the theme they were going for, but with Tracer being such a bright and bubbly character, this skin almost dulls down her entire appearance. It’s not like the idea is terrible, but there was so much missed opportunity with the Mythology theme to do something fun and eye-catching. For example, how cool would it have been to get a Tracer skin based on Nike, the goddess of speed, strength, and victory? They could’ve come up with a fitting outfit and added Nike’s wings to Tracer, making a skin that stands out from her others – but instead, we received perhaps one of the most forgettable Tracer skins of all time.

Pharah – Hades

Pharah's Hades skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Moving on from Tier 50, Tier 60 comes back strong, delivering Pharah’s new Hades skin, and woah. This thing looks amazing. See Pharah take the theme of God of the Underworld has delivered one of the best skins in the entire Battle Pass, including intricate details on her clothing and eye-catching skin tones. Even better again, Pharah’s armor and shoulder pads incorporates a Cerberus, which is often referred to as the hound of Hades. These small details make this skin so satisfying to look at, and I personally can not wait to fly through the sky with this three headed hell hound and send rockets hurtling at my opponents.

Ramattra – Primordial

Ramattra's Primordial skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Surprisingly, unlike other heroes, Ramattra has received two Battle Pass skins compared to the standard one per hero. We’re not sure of the reasoning for this, as this didn’t occur for Kiriko when she was new, but perhaps Blizzard was just excited for his release and had more than one skin they felt was worthy of making it in. Either way, it can be seen that this Ramattra skin doesn’t quite compare to the standard of his Poseidon variation. However, the color palette is still nice to look at, and it is an Epic skin in comparison to a Legendary. At least nobody will have a shortage of cosmetic options when learning how to play Ramattra.

Junker Queen – Zeus

Junker Queen's Zeus skin in OW2.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment via Twinfinite

Lastly, ending the final Tier 80 of the Battle Pass is this season’s new Mythic skin, Junker Queen’s Zeus. This is a fantastic skin, and although the customization doesn’t have as many options as Genji’s Cyberpunk Mythic skin from last season, Zeus comes with three different color palettes – yellow, blue, and pink. On top of this, you can pick from two sets of armor, two variations of her Scattergun, and two different shoulder pads. Besides, the crackling of the lighting around her is seriously satisfying to watch, and I’m more than ready to work my way to the end of the Battle Pass to get my hands on this one.

That’s everything you need to know about all new skins in Overwatch 2 Season 2. For more fun, useful and entertaining Overwatch 2 topics, check out the rest of our content here at Twinfinite. We have a variety of publications to fit all your Overwatch needs and answer any questions about the game, such as Season 2’s Patch Notes, how to get Kiriko in Season 2, and how to unlock Ramattra.

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