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All Members of QSMP Minecraft Server, Listed

Let the QSMP games begin!

Minecraft’s first bilingual Survival multiplayer server has finally launched as the creator hosts the exciting event with several famous players. Fans will undoubtedly have some fun while watching the numerous live streams, considering that each content creator will need to solve various challenging puzzles in spite of any language barriers. In this guide, we’ll show you all the members of Minecraft’s QSMP server to prepare you for the uproarious adventure.

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Who Are All the Members of the QSMP Minecraft Server? Answered

Based on Quackity’s QSMP list, Minecraft fans can expect the following creators in the newest server:

  • Quackity
  • Wilbur Soot
  • FitMC
  • Philza
  • Jaiden Animations
  • Bad Boy Halo
  • Foolish Gamers
  • DanTDM
  • Slimecicle
  • Luzu
  • Rubius
  • ElMariana
  • Spreen
  • Missa Sinfonia
  • Roier
  • Vegetta777
  • Maximus

If you want to get to know the members of the QSMP Minecraft server, you can tune in to Quackity’s Day 1 live stream, where each creator introduces themselves. Nonetheless, these introductions are far from formal due to their eccentric personalities, including the hilarious reaction to Slimecicle’s backflip presentation.

Before the event, content creators received a peculiar invitation to the server to begin their initiation, in which they found themselves in a locked room identical to their real-life streaming set-up. Once they discovered the hidden chest, they earned the QSMP Train Ticket to the mysterious Quesadilla island. But, the puzzling-solving adventures don’t stop there as the notable players continue on their journey in the recent live stream.

Since QSMP is a bilingual server, you can anticipate various language barriers while the team tries to find ways to communicate with each other. Viewers can also expect the construction of classic Minecraft bases and the standardized gameplay mechanics of collecting wild resources, with a few twists and turns throughout the streamers’ expedition.

Many members have continuously gained traction within the gaming community, and now their fan bases will expand even more with the QSMP server. You can continue to keep track of the team’s shenanigans on the official Twitter account, or you can visit any of their live streams to see their latest progress.

That covers everything you need to know about all the members of the QSMP Minecraft server. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including details about the new Archeology features.

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