Chow in Zenless Zone Zero.
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All Items at Waterfall Soup in Zenless Zone Zero

Tasty soup.

As you begin exploring New Eridu, you’ll need to know everything about Waterfall Soup in Zenless Zone Zero. This is the first major storefront you encounter in the new gacha RPG, though it isn’t quite as simple as walking up to it and purchasing goods. In this guide, we’ll explain what Waterfall Soup sells and how to access it.

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What Are the Best Items at Waterfall Soup in Zenless Zone Zero?

When you interact with Waterfall Soup at the start of Zenless Zone Zero, there’s only one item available: Vegetable Noodles. Costing 1,800 Denny, it provides a +30 ATK boost, making it useful before a big fight.

Of course, the more you play and level up, the more recipes you unlock. Check out the table below for a full list of recipes at Waterfall Soup:

Item NameCost (Denny)Unlock LevelEffect
Vegetable Soup1,8001 (default)+30 ATK
Pumpkin Soup Noodles2,50020+15% HP, +15% Physical DMG
Fried BBQ Noodles2,50020+15% HP, +15% Ether DMG
Red Chilli Meat Noodles2,50020+15% HP, +15% Fire DMG
Green Pepper Meat Noodles2,50020+15% HP, +15% Electric DMG
Seafood Noodles2,50020+15% HP, +15% Ice DMG
Mushroom Noodles5,00030+30% Physical DMG
Smoked BBQ Noodles5,00030+30% Ether DMG
Red Chilli Chicken Noodles5,00030+30% Fire DMG
Green Pepper Chicken Noodles5,00030+30% Electric DMG
Fresh Iced Noodles5,00030+30% Ice DMG
Cold Noodles5,00030+30% HP
Bone Broth Noodles5,00030+30% DMG against Boss enemies
The list of items at Waterfall Soup in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Where to Find Waterfall Soup

Waterfall Soup is the first main shop you interact with in Zenless Zone Zero. However, it’s locked and inaccessible the first time you have free reign in New Eridu. You’ll need to play through a mission that tasks you with getting your first W-Engine as part of an Exploration Commission.

This involves traversing across the board game-style map, moving using the D-pad and eventually making your way to a W-Engine crate at the bottom. There are a few combat levels dotted throughout this mission, but nothing you won’t be able to handle.

Once you’ve claimed the W-Engine and escaped the simulation, you’re instructed to speak to Chow, the owner of Waterfall Soup. The shop was closed prior to you completing this level, but now you can interact with it and purchase items at any time.

That’s all for this guide! For more on Zenless Zone Zero, check out how to fix the ‘failed to obtain server list’ error. We’ve also got the best ZZZ mods and a Bangboo tier list.

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