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All Infant Quirks in The Sims 4: Growing Together

The positive and negative effects of parenting.

Besides the standard personality traits, young Sims can develop unique attributes that can sometimes appear after achieving a milestone. These characteristics can affect their lifestyle, causing them to react differently to each activity, such as sleeping, eating, and even going to the bathroom. Here’s everything you need to know about all the infant quirks in The Sims 4: Growing Together.

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What Are All the Infant Quirks in The Sims 4: Growing Together? Answered

Infant quirks can be unlocked naturally as you progress further in gameplay and vary based on a Sim’s personality. However, a few traits can only be acquired once they move around or eat from their high chair. So, if you want to know what to expect, here’s a list of all infant quirks in Growing Together:

Happy SpitterProne to spit while eating due to developing digestive system.
Good AppetiteEnjoys eating all types of food.
GassyA baby with tummy issues (makes them fussy.)
Frequently SneezesA youngster who sneezes a lot, producing more germs around the house.
Early RiserInfant is more likely to wake up when the sun rises.
Feeding TinklerCan use the bathroom while being fed.
Frequently HiccupsInfant hiccups all the time, resulting in more gas in their tummy.
Free-Air TinklerCan pee on caregiver while changing a diaper (parent’s hygiene meter will go down.)
Picky EaterFussy with various food types.
Messy EaterMore likely to make a mess all over themselves and high chairs while eating.
Loves Wakeup TimeWakes up happy.
Loves SoundsAppreciates the sounds of music, television, and many others things.
Hates Being HeldDoes not like being picked up and held, especially by non-caregivers. Enjoys being set down.
Hates Wakeup TimeOften wakes up angry.
Little BabblerAn extremely talkative Sim who loves cooing and babbling to themselves or others.
Loves Being HeldReacts positively when picked up or carried but responds negatively when put down.
Snuggly SleeperEnjoys falling asleep when being held and on a back carrier. Can’t be soothed to sleep when put down in crib or ground (will cry instantly when in this state.)
Self-SootherWhen in a bad mood, this Sim will try to calm themself down by placing their fingers and toes in their mouth, primarily when crying.

Various infant quirks can make parenting relatively tricky, including the ‘Hates Wakeup Time’ and ‘Free-Air Tinkler’ attributes. But, as long as you consistently take care of them, any bad moods can be remedied over time, and it can help you gain a good Reward trait that can affect their Toddler life stage. In particular, good parenting results in the Top-Notch characteristic, while Unhappy Infant occurs when not properly taken care of.

Sometimes, the “negative” quirks will happen automatically, despite nurturing an infant consistently. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are unhealthy, and it’s more to do with their unique personality types. Furthermore, these attributes will not carry over once they age and will only affect their interactions during this particular life stage.

How to Use Infant Quirk Cheat in The Sims 4: Growing Together

Infant Quirk Cheat
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First, players can turn on their cheats with the command ‘testingcheats true’ then you can click on the Sim while holding ‘Shift’ to go to ‘Pack Cheats.’ Next, you can click on ‘Growing Together’ to add or remove a ‘Discoverable Quirk.’

It may take a bit for the quirk to load and you will also need to ensure the Sim has the correct requirements for specific traits for movement and eating abilities.

That does it for our guide on all infant quirks in The Sims 4: Growing Together. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our guide on all crib upgrades.

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