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All Dead by Daylight Moris, Ranked by Brutality

Blood, Gore, and Brutality

Dead by Daylight’s moris are special animations killers can use to give their kills a more cinematic touch. Killers earn the right to do this through perks, offerings, add-ons, or even as part of their power itself. Here’s every mori in the PC and console versions of Dead by Daylight, ranked by brutality.

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All Moris in Dead by Daylight Moris, Ranked

41. The Onryo #1: Sadako is one of the few killers who can kill people as part of their basekit. This special animation recreates the iconic death stare from the films, but it pales in brutality to others.

40. The Nurse: Although she’s often considered the strongest killer in the game, The Nurse has a lackluster mori. She strangles the survivor, before lovingly stroking their faces.

39. The Executioner #1: Pyramid Head earns this kill if a survivor has two hook states and the Condemned status effect. Pyramid Head simply hits them with his knife for an instant, and relatively painless, kill.

38. The Doctor: The Doctor’s powers revolve around electricity and madness, and his mori fits that motif. He channels electricity into his victim’s head. The smoke coming from their head in the aftermath makes the mori more disturbing, but it’s also bloodless.

37. The Trickster: While The Trickster loses points for brutality, he definitely gains them for style. He throws knives at his victim, pinning an autographed photo to their corpse as a coup de grace.

36. The Shape #1: Michael Myers’ mori is among the simplest of them all. Michael grabs the survivor by the throat and stabs them in the stomach. It gets the job done, but it’s also nothing special. We’ve seen Michael do so much better.

35. The Shape #2: Functionally identical to Michael’s first mori, this is a special animation granted by using specific add-ons. The only difference is that this mori is shown in first person, which adds an extra degree of horror.

34. The Wraith: Two of the three original killers sadly have among the tamest kills of them all. Wraith hacks at his victim four times with his axe.

33. The Trapper: As with the Wraith, The Trapper has one of the tamest moris in the game. He simply slashes at his enemy a few times before moving on.

32. The Spirit: Another relatively simple mori, The Spirit slashes at her victim a few times before screaming at them. She earns extra points for the depth of the slashes, as well as the rage behind them.

31. The Plague: The Plague’s mori is a tricky one to place. It’s among the most bloodless, but disgusting in a different way. She strangles her victim, vomits in their face, and hits them with her censer.

30. The Nemesis: The Nemesis’s mori reflects his goal-oriented nature. He impales the survivor with his tentacle, throws them aside, impales them again, and then stamps on their head. It’s undeniably brutal but pales in comparison with others.

29. The Pig: Considering the Saw franchise’s reputation for gruesome kills, The Pig’s kill is relatively simple. She stabs her victim in the hand before slitting their throat.

28. The Huntress: The Huntress’s mori reflects her impassive nature. She hits her victim with her axe a few times, notably getting it lodged in their skull.

27. The Twins #1: The Twins have two different moris, depending on whether or not they’re conjoined. In the first version, Charlotte hacks at her victim a few times. Like The Huntress, her weapon becomes lodged in her victim’s body, but her other kill is more gruesome.

26. The Clown: The Clown’s mori has him stamp on his victim’s skull. He follows this up by cutting off one of their fingers and sucking on it.

25. The Nightmare: As with The Pig, Freddy’s mori isn’t reflective of what he’s capable of. He simply lets the survivor stand up before impaling them through the chest. It gets the job done, but Freddy is capable of so much more.

24. The Skull Merchant: Later moris stepped up the brutality, which makes The Skull Merchant seem tame by comparison. As with Freddy, she simply impales her victim through the chest before throwing them aside. However, she does get a point for recording it with one of her drones.

23. The Ghost Face: Ghost Face was a journalist who reported on his own kills, and his mori reflects that. After stabbing the victim repeatedly, he pulls the survivor in for a selfie before letting them die.

22. The Legion: The Legion’s kill is messy, reflecting their inexperience as killers. They stab their victim in the leg, drag them back, and gut them.

21. The Twins #2: The Twin’s second mori lets Victor join in on the fun. After Charlotte slashes their victim a few times, Victor emerges from her chest to maul the survivor. This involves biting out their throat to finish them off.

Dead by Daylight Xenomorph, Claudette, and Jake
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

20. The Xenomorph: The Xenomorph’s nested mouths are among the most iconic weapons in horror history, so its appearance here is only fitting. The Xenomorph impales its victim in the shoulder with its tail, before piercing their skull with its tongue.

19. The Hillbilly: The final member of the original trio of killers, The Hillbilly’s mori has him hit his victim with his meat hammer before slicing through their body.

19. The Cannibal: Leatherface and The Hillbilly share a lot in common, including a mori. Leatherface earns extra points, however, for impaling his victim through the chest with his chainsaw and dragging it upwards through their shoulder.

18. The Demogorgon: Demogorgon’s mori fits its bestial nature. After spearing its victim in the side with its claws, the Demogorgon lunges, engulfing the survivor’s head in its mouth before shaking it roughly. In many ways, The Demogorgon suffers from debuting before the kills really took off, as a decapitation would have taken the kill up a few notches.

17. The Lich #1: This special mori occurs if the victim has either the Eye of Vecna or Hand of Vecna equipped. The unlucky victim is speared through the chest by a crystal emerging for the ground before his thralls pull them down for the finishing blow.

16. The Unknown: The Unknown’s Mori sees it force its tentacles into the survivor’s eyesocket, ear, and mouth, before injecting them with a mysterious substance that dissolves them into dust, which it then consumes.

15. The Mastermind: As with The Unknown, Wesker’s tentacles come into play with his mori. After throwing the survivor to the ground, he impales them through with his tentacles, which then emerge from the victim’s mouth before working their way back in through their eyes.

14. The Deathslinger: The Deathslinger’s Mori is the first of the truly great ones on this list. He impales the unlucky victim on his speargun, lifts them into the air, and fires, with the spear emerging from their mouths.

13. The Trapper (Naughty Bear): This special cosmetic for The Trapper comes with not just unique animations and a deliciously snarky narrator, but a unique mori of his own. After slamming his machete into the victim’s face, Naughty Bear impales them through the chest, before throwing them down into a waiting bear trap, which snaps shut around their heads.

12. The Blight: The Blight gains his power from a mutative serum, but this mixture has unexpected effects on survivors. He injects his victim in the face and chest, making their bodies expand into giant, pus-filled blisters which he bursts in truly disgusting fashion with a swift strike of his cane.

11. The Cenobite: Pinhead’s mori is more horrifying in its implications than anything else. He suspends his victims with hooked chains, which graphically pull and stretch their flesh. The chains then bind to a post and are dragged outside of the entity’s realm. Fans of Hellraiser will know that what’s waiting is an eternity of torture.

Dead by Daylight Singularity and Gabriel
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

10. The Good Guy: Chucky’s mori ranking so high here speaks volumes about the brutality of what’s to come. He attacks them with a hammer, then a baseball bat, then a sharpened ruler, before stabbing them three times in the throat with his butcher’s knife. In true Chucky fashion, he finishes off with a swift kick and a final insult.

9. The Dredge: As with Pinhead, there’s an element of the unknown to The Dredge’s mori. Various spindly arms emerge from its body to stab the victim with a number of small tools before it clubs them across the head with its scythe arm. Finally, two mantid-esque claws emerge, stabbing the survivor in the back and dragging them into The Dredge’s shadowy body.

8. The Executioner #2: Pyramid Head’s second mori sees him summon barbed wire and twisted metal to cocoon the survivor tightly, before he stabs them in the stomach with his oversized knife. To make matters worse, he twists it before pulling the knife out, letting his victim’s body fall to the ground.

7. The Artist: The Artist pounces on her victim, before covering their mouth with one of her inky arms. She then forces ink into their stomachs, which emerges from their torso as one of her dire crows, transforming into a full murder of crows that proceed to feed on the corpse.

6. The Onryo #2: While Sadako’s first mori is the tamest of them all, this one more than makes up for it. Sadako lifts the survivor into the air with her telekinetic powers, before graphically breaking their arms and legs. She finishes up with the traditional (literal) death glare.

5. The Oni: In life, The Oni had a reputation for brutality, so it’s fitting he ranks so high. After impaling the victim with his katana, he reaches into their mouth to tear out their tongue, which he crushes. Finally, he smashes his kanabo down on their head over and over again.

4. The Hag: Despite being one of the earliest additions to Dead by Daylight, The Hag has one of the most gruesome moris of them all. After pouncing on her victim and ripping out their throat with her teeth, she digs her hand into their belly, pulls out one of their organs, and eats it. Making matters worse, even more organs can be seen sliding out.

3. The Knight: The Knight’s mori sees him summon his companions to each attack in turn. The survivor is stabbed, branded, and cleaved, before the Knight finishes them off by impaling them through the shoulder, withdrawing it through their chests.

2. The Singularity: The Singularity’s mori is easily one of the bloodiest. After impaling its victim on one of its arms, The Singularity injects them through the eye with a corrosive acid, which literally melts their face away, giving us a good look at the aftermath.

1. The Lich #2: Despite being the newest killer in the game, Vecna has arguably the most brutal mori of them all. He summons his thralls to lift up his victim before they graphically strip the flesh from their bones. As a finishing touch, the survivor’s jawbone falls off as the skeleton falls to the ground.

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