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Top 25 Best Smite Gods, Ranked



Top 25 Best Smite Gods, Ranked

Which God is the most godlike?

Vulcan is the Smith of the Gods and is the first God on this Best of Smite list. In the mid lane, Vulcan can deal some serious damage to anyone passing through. When he has to leave the lane or suspects a gank, a nearby turret he can place will fire on any incoming enemies. He can use his backfire to move away from other Gods while damaging them or get closer to them to launch some attacks. He can damage and knock them up with his “meatball,” Magma Bomb and when it’s time to send the Gods to their graves,  he can send a massive rocket through the sky, landing on a cluster of other Gods. When a Vulcan is in the mid lane, prepare your defenses. Homie doesn’t play.

Nemesis is the Goddess of Vengeance and a very powerful Assassin in he current Smite meta. She is a master at chasing down her enemies and dealing a lot of damage as she does so. Her dash allows her to run up, hit them with a powerful, half-circle of damage, and when the opponent turns around or starts to fight her, she can just pop on her shield and either run away or strip them down to nothing with her ultimate. Don’t piss off a Nemesis. Or be caught out in the Jungle.

Thor is the God of Thunder and, in Smite, is the God of dunking on his enemies. This God can teleport himself in and out of situations with a throw of his mighty hammer, can stun and cut off others from escape routes and keep them from running away from fights and ganks. And, of course, his ultimate lets him shoot up into the sky and come crashing down, stunning and damaging any opponents he lands on.

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