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New God Cerberus, New Conquest Map and More Coming to SMITE in Season 5


New God Cerberus, New Conquest Map and More Coming to SMITE in Season 5

Tons of goodies on the way

Hi-Rez Studios is preparing to kick off season 5 of SMITE with some pretty impressive changes to the popular free-to-play MOBA. The update will bring various improvements in the form of new art, a new map, highly requested changes to gameplay, and a new god. While more details will be shared during the HRX keynote, devs have already shared some information about what SMITE players can expect during the upcoming season.

The season 5 Conquest map will feature upgraded art that highlights the beautiful landscapes in the game, but the map will do more than just look pretty. In a press release, devs explained that the map would also be symmetrical to prevent any team from having an advantage simply because of where they were placed on the map at the start of the match. This was a pretty frustrating issue that earned intense glares and head shakes from the SMITE community but the new symmetrical map clearly highlights Hi-Rez’s ability to react to fan feedback in a meaningful way. The new Conquest map will be playable on SMITE’s public test server starting on January 17.

Jungle fog will also be making a return with improvements that will make it easier to determine what you don’t have vision of in the game and some monsters will be receiving an overhaul so their designs pay more homage to the lore behind them. While this is all pretty exciting news, the arrival of a new god is probably one of the most exiting content additions planned for season 5. Cerberus has been teased for quite some time but his arrival in the game is finally peeking over the horizon. Cerberus will be coming to SMITE in season 5, giving the game its 93rd addition to the roster. This three-headed Warden of the Underworld will be released in patch 4.25 on PC on January 9.

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