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Meet the Voice Actors of The Medium’s Voice Cast


Meet the Voice Actors of The Medium’s Voice Cast

Bloober Team’s latest horror game, The Medium, is finally out and players that are looking for a bit of a fright with a solid narrative to go with should find some great value here. No narrative-driven game is complete without a solid acting and voice acting cast to deliver the lines. So let’s look at the voice actors of The Medium’s voice cast.

The Medium Voice Actors

the medium voice actors

Kelly Burke – Marianne

Kelly Burke, who plays the role of Marianne, is a relative newcomer when it comes to acting, but is beginning to ramp up her appearances in recent years across all mediums. She provided voices Desperados III and Terminator: Resistance and appeared in the movie, Justice League as Air Force Security. Photo via IMDB

Graham Vick – Thomas / Spirit Thomas

Graham Vick, like Kelly Burke, is relatively new to the voice acting game, but is starting to pick up some work recently. They provided voices for Cyberpunk 2077, Divinity: Original Sin, and was the voice Algernon Drake in Call of Cthulhu.

Angeli Wall – Sadness / Lily – The Medium Voice Actors

Angeli Wall is a young voice actress off to a quick start in her career. In addition to The Medium she was the voice of Jaime in the children’s animated series Rhyme Time Town.

Troy Baker – Maw

Here’s a name that likely anyone that follows video game voice actor and actors closely will have probably heard of. Troy Baker is one of gaming’s most prolific voice actors having performed Joel from The Last of Us, Jason Todd in Batman Arkham Knight and Samuel Drake in Uncharted 4, just to name a few in addition to his immense work across other mediums as well, especially animated TV.

Kerry Shale – Jack / Francis – The Medium Voice Actors

the medium voice actors

Kerry Shale isn’t very known within the gaming space, but recently appeared not only in The Medium but Hitman 3 which released around the same time. He is known for his work on stage in the West End, Royal Court, and at the Royal National Theatre.

Photo by Alan Howard via IMDB.

Vincent Lai – Henry / Hound

Vincent Lai appears to be just getting their start in gaming voice acting. To-date they have voiced Adam in the game, The Beast Inside.

Bill Roberts – Richard / Childeater – The Medium Voice Actors

Richard and the Childeater is played by Bill Roberts. At the time of this writing we aren’t able to confirm exactly which Bill Roberts is playing the part.

Photo by Sai Awan – © Sai Awan Photography via IMDB.

Mack Keith-Roach – Young Richard

the medium voice actors

Mack Keith-Roach is another young actor currently best known for his work as Jed Walker in The Sandman and as Kinch in Kinch & the Double Wand. He can now add The Medium to that list.

Artemus Cragg – Young Henry – The Medium Voice Actors

Young Henry is played by Artemus Cragg. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find much information about Cragg at the time of this writing.

Rebecca Blackstone – Lilianne

The role of Lilianne is played by Rebecca Blackstone. Blackstone started picking up roles in 2013 and has been seeing steady work since in both TV and video games. She was the voice of Bracken Meadows in Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom and Eva in DmC: Devil May Cry.

That does it for our run down of the voice actors of The Medium. Best of luck surviving Bloober Team’s latest horror title!

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