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E3 2016: Every EA Conference Announcement

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E3 2016: Every EA Conference Announcement

A lot to look forward to!

EA’s conference has just wrapped up and they have revealed a ton of info about their upcoming games. We got a look at some of the games we knew were going to be there and some brand new ones.

Like every year brought the sports announcements but took them to another level. With announcing a championship series that will offer over one million dollars and the brand new mode called The Journey, EA definitely came prepared.

Battlefield 1 has also made its presence know, in the form of a new story trailer and a multiplayer gameplay stream. Stars like Jamie Foxx and Zack Efron lead the charge.

Mass Effect Andromeda also received a brand new trailer that showed off new aliens, beautiful worlds, and a distraught hero.Mass Effect Androdema has not received a release date yet, but we can watch the new trailer here.

What are your thoughts on EA’s press conference? Was it everything you expected? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and for more coverage on EA play check out more stories below.


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