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25 Best 2 Player Portable Games


25 Best 2 Player Portable Games

25 Best 2 Player Portable Games

Rocket League boasts loads of two player action, from it’s splitscreen online multiplayer to its online versus modes, which can be used during portable play. There’s AI bot modes and more competitive ones too, all accessible with a friend. The game is easy to understand with a gentle learning curve for newcomers. Each player controls a rocket-powered RC car and tries to knock a giant ball into the enemy team’s goal. Think of it as Soccer played with RC cars… easy!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is proof of just how powerful the switch can be as a portable 2 player device. There are so many configurations and modes to choose from, the game is one of the meatiest 2-player gaming experiences period, let alone on a portable device. Each player can bring their own switch and play together, or share a screen with their own controller in hand. It’s possible to jump into a race using one half of a Joy-Con each, and the added Battle Mode mixes things up from the standard racing fare.

Now there’s some caution to be had here, Overcooked has the potential to either strengthen your friendships or leave it in tatters. What starts off as a charming little kitchen management game quickly descends into a 2 player trip to inherent frustration, broken up with brief moments of glorious elation. Each player controls a character and must personally take charge of an area of each kitchen level. It inevitably ends up with one person barking orders at the other, but it is worryingly fun. The game is made for 2 players portable, making it one of the best and equally worst times you can have with a pal. At the very least, it will make you feel truly alive, and for that, Overcooked, we salute you.

Minecraft is everywhere at this point, but the Nintendo Switch version offers up a great version of the game on the go which can be played with a friend. There’s a whole procedurally generated world to explore in local splitscreen co-op or via the game’s online functionality. Building a new town from scratch with a buddy or simply exploring the underground caverns is a whole lot of fun, and has a real pick up and play portable quality.

Beating the tar out of your friends has always been fun in video games. Nintendo Switch has a handful of great fighting games on it but the one that takes the crown for being the most fun is definitely Pokken Tournament DX. You can battle it out using your favorite Pokemon, making use of the games easy to understand yet hard to master fighting systems. Watching a Pikachu hand a Charizard its butt in a fight never grows old, making this game a must play for those looking for a great 2-player portable experience.

DUAL! does something really awesome with 2-player portable gaming in that it is meant to be played face-to face, using two phone screens. Players use the game’s wide array of weapons to blast each other’s ships away. Tilt controls free up the screen for the other player to see where your ship is, and the retro arcade aesthetic means that the game runs very smoothly. DUAL! is a great way to play a simple arcade experience with a friend, one which is elevated to another level by its shared screen mechanics.

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