Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Every Little Detail We Learned From Playing

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is one of the most anticipated games of 2019, and a return to a single-player experience for the franchise. Twinfinite managed to get extensive hands-on time with the game, playing about four hours in total.

With that, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling every little detail we learned, for your perusing pleasure. This is the quickest way to see all the new info, but if you want to go more in-depth you can look at our full hands-on preview.

Also, be sure to check out our interview with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s producer and lead combat designer.

Jedi Fallen Order: Story and World Details

  • We visited three playable planets; Kashyyk, an icy planet called Zeffo, and the desolate planet of Dathomir, home of the Nightsisters.
  • Zeffo was where the main mission was, but we had the option of traveling to Dathomir, which had much stronger enemies.
  • Transitioning between planets plays a lightspeed sequence. While you wait your allies talk and comment on the planet you’re going to.
  • A cutscene shows the main characters looking at a recording of Obi-Wan warning Jedi about the clone uprising.
  • There are “Force Echoes” scattered through the environment. Finding these gives you little tidbits of story, while also awarding some XP.
  • On Kashyyyk you battle the Ninth Sister, a member of the Inquisitors, a group introduced in Star Wars Rebels.

Jedi Fallen Order: Combat Details

  • There’s a huge emphasis on parrying. You can deflect blaster shots back at enemies with parries, or instantly deplete an enemy’s stagger bar.
  • Force moves use up a Force Meter on the bottom of the screen. You restore this meter by hitting enemies with attacks, encouraging you to be aggressive.
  • Both you and enemies have a stagger bar. When depleted it opens you, or the enemy, to attack.
  • Holding down guard (LB on Xbox) will let you block most attacks, but attacks where the enemy glows red are unblockable.
  • Pressing the jump button in combat will let you execute a dodging flip. This is essential to avoid attacks that cause shockwaves.
  • Basic enemies are super weak, going down in one to three hits, but they can be really dangerous when they gang up on you.
  • An AT-ST functioned as an end-of-world boss. You can damage the AT-ST by striking its legs, reflecting blaster fire, or force pushing grenades it launches back.
  • By jumping down on an enemy from above, a button prompt will appear letting you use a hugely damaging “assassination” type of attack.
  • Four difficulty modes; Story, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grandmaster.
  • When you die you’ll lose all XP you had, but if you attack the enemy that killed you, you’ll regain all of your XP and health. Note that you don’t have to kill the enemy, simply land one attack on them.
  • The Ninth Sister battle we played, that’s later on in the game, also gave us access to saber throw and force pull.

Jedi Fallen Order: Other Gameplay Details

  • Force Echoes are a collectible you can find to increase your overall Force energy. Collecting three increases your Force.
  • Exploration is a huge focus, with tons of alternate pathways and hidden items.
  • By pressing the View button (on Xbox) you can bring up a detailed holomap. This shows you pathways that are blocked or open based on your powers, different elevations, and more.
  • Resting at a save point will completely restore health and Stim, but will respawn all enemies.
  • BD-1 can scan both enemies and items to give you database entries and XP.
  • Each time your XP gauge fills you get one Skill Point, which you can use at save points to unlock abilities, including health boosts, new combos, and more.
  • More abilities will unlock as you learn new Force Powers. For example, three new branches of the Skill Tree unlocked when I got Force Push.
  • You can find items in the world that boost your max number of Stim, or healing.
  • In dark areas you can hold the block button to hold up your lightsaber and use it as a torch to light the way.
  • You can completely customize your lightsaber color and hilt, with new items mostly found in chests scattered through the world. Some of these chests can’t be opened until you upgrade BD-1.
  • You can open shortcuts in the environment that make it easier to get back to save point, or other areas.
  • Some areas seem to have unique gimmicks, like one courtyard that had blasts of air during a battle, letting us jump up to higher elevations or enemies.
  • You can collect plants to put in a terrarium aboard your ship.

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