Twinfinite Staff’s Dream PS5 Game Reveals

ps5 dream game reveals

The PS5’s ‘Future of Gaming’ event is finally happening today after being postponed. Sony will, for about an hour, reveal new games that will be coming to the shiny new next-gen console.

Will we see Horizon Zero Dawn 2? A new Uncharted? Maybe a tease for Spider-Man 2 will pop up? Who knows. What we do know is that here at Twinfinite, our staff is very vocal about their dream games for the PS5.

I have gathered their thoughts and opinions about what they would like to see be announced during this PS5 reveal event today, whether it be a realistic pick like Horizon 2 or an impracticable one such as a Metal Gear Solid remake from Konami themselves.

Let’s check out what our dream PS5 game reveals are:

Mass Effect Remaster

Twinfinite Staff's Dream PS5 Game Reveals

Andrew McMahon – Staff Writer:

Regardless of how you feel about its ending, there is no denying that the Mass Effect Trilogy deserves a remaster, and the PS5 would be the perfect console to unveil it.

Alongside graphical improvements, there is a lot of quality of life touch-ups that the series will benefit from by coming out for the PS5. To be honest, improving the elevator times in the first installment alone is enough to sell most fans.

Overall though, getting to experience the fight against the reapers with modern updates is just the push in the right direction the franchise needs to get back on track.

Classic PS Revivals

Twinfinite Staff's Dream PS5 Game Reveals

Ed McGlone – Editor in Chief

I will lose my mind if we see any of the following classic PlayStation games see any light: Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal, Spyro, Dark Cloud.

Not holding my breath for any of these, but just one of these franchises appearing during the reveal would put me into cardiac arrest. Realistically though: Knack 3.

Ape Escape

Greysun Morales – Features Editor

It could be a sequel, it could be a remake, it could be a reboot, it could even just be a remaster collection of ports –I don’t care. I want Ape Escape to come to the PS5 and not just because these primates deserve way more attention than given, but this series could use a makeover.

There’s no other video game series out there that’s all about capturing apes in nets, except maybe Animal Crossing. The gameplay premise is so unique, so I beg of you, Sony, please give this to us. The world needs it now more than ever. These apes are our only hope.

Sly Cooper Reboot

Twinfinite Staff's Dream PS5 Game Reveals

Rebecca – Staff Writer:

My dream reveal for the PS5 event would be a brand new game in the Sly Cooper series. The fourth game, Thieves in Time, was released for the PlayStation 3 seven years ago, and it ended on a cliffhanger.

How will we ever know the fate of everyone’s favorite raccoon thief Sly without a new game? It would be a dream if the next Sly Cooper game could be created by the original developers, Sucker Punch Productions, but it’s more likely that Sanzaru Games (who created the fourth game) would develop it instead.

If a fifth Sly Cooper game is too much to ask for, the next best thing would be a newly remastered collection that included all four games. The Sly Collection in 2010 was nice, but graphics have come a long way since then, and it would be fun to see what the games could look like on the new PS5 hardware. 

Rival School 3

Twinfinite Staff's Dream PS5 Game Reveals, ps5

Giuseppe Nelva – News Editor:

The PS5 needs a good fighting game, and no fighting game series is more worthy of a sequel than the Shiritsu Justice Gakuen series.

Multiple developers at Capcom have expressed over the years the will to continue the series. When I interviewed Hideaki Itsuno a couple of years ago, he mentioned that it would be his number one choice, as the series’ unique school setting really needs a third year.

Of course, this time around it should come to the west fully, without cutting the aspects that made it unique as it happened for Rival Schools on PlayStation and Project Justice on Dreamcast.

I’m waiting, Capcom. Your move.

New Uncharted Game

Twinfinite Staff's Dream PS5 Game Reveals

Tom Hopkins – Deputy Guides Editor:

With The Last of Us Part II coming next week, I’d love for Naughty Dog to tease their next game. A new IP would be cool, but a new Uncharted would be my dream announcement.

It would have nothing to do with Drake and the gang or his daughter, but a brand new cast of characters with a new adventure.

There’d be loving callbacks to the original games, but it would primarily be a way to introduce some new PlayStation heroes.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2


Chris Jecks – Guides Editor:

For me, it’s got to be Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Guerrilla Games’ 2017 epic was one of my all-time favorite experiences from this generation, and its ending teased a whole lot more to come.

Even just seeing Aloy’s auburn hair contrasting against the cold, steel exterior of a Thunderjaw would be enough to get me hyped. I just need to know that more robo-dino-busting action is on the way!

My bar is set incredibly low on this one Sony, please don’t disappoint!

Silent Hill Revival


Keenan McCall – Staff Writer:

Horror game fans – myself included – are still bitter over the cancellation of Silent Hills, and for good reason.

Helmed by Kojima and bringing in the likes of Junji Ito and Guillermo del Toro for monster designs, it had the potential to be a terrifying gaming experience for the ages.

This still remains true five years on from the game’s cancellation, and while reviving it would be a licensing nightmare, there are few better ways for Sony to win over a glut of potential customers.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2

all-stars, PS5

Omar – Staff Writer

Some lame people might try to tell you that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PSASBR) was a failed experiment that couldn’t live up to the hype.

Okay fine, maybe they’re not entirely wrong, but that only seems like a good reason to give the platform fighter a second chance on PS5.

After all, the PS4’s incredible exclusive line-up could certainly bolster the roster in PSASBR2. The narrative of having a lackluster character selection would quickly change if Aloy, Joel/Ellie, Spider-Man, Crash, Joker from Persona 5, Spyro, Astro Bot, and Chloe/Nadine make it in.

Of course, having better balancing than the last game would be a must too. But first, you absolutely need to have a stellar roster that pulls in even the casual fans who will pick up a game because they recognize the characters.

The Order 1886 Sequel… and a Metal Gear Solid Remake? (It was only supposed to be one pick Alex)

The Order 1886, PS5

Alex Gibson – Senior Editor

I’m going to double down on my chance to wishlist with two picks. First, The Order 1887. Yes, that’s right, you heard me! Much ridiculed (and rightly so) for its overly linear design, wonky shooting mechanics, and an unfinished story, Ready at Dawn’s 1886 was a critical flop when it launched in 2015.

But aside from still remaining one of the most impressive PS4’s graphical showcases today, there are so many reasons why everyone should be hungry for a sequel.

I mean, Victorian-era steam-punk, knights of the realm, Lycans… is there a cooler premise for a video game? There’s too much untapped potential left on the table to not return for a second dip.

And for my second wishlist, I’ll take Metal Gear Solid Remake. And I don’t mean from Bluepoint Games. As good as they are at remastering, I want a full-on remake by Konami using a next-gen revamp of the incredible Fox Engine, featuring all the new mechanics from MGSV.

A more expansive level design, too –perhaps even a HUB-world style Shadow Mosis sandbox? That would be next-gen heaven for me! Now, excuse me while I go back to daydreaming…

And those are our dream picks for today’s big PS5 reveal event but what are yours? What’s your crazy, ridiculous, PS5 game pick that would literally make you scream? Let us know in the comments below! And if you agree with me on Ape Escape, you get bonus points.

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