Genji from Overwatch and Omega from Fornite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

10 Fortnite & Overwatch 2 Skins So Similar They Could Be Long Lost Siblings

Doppelganger, I've got you in my sights!

Fortnite and Overwatch 2 are two of the most significant free-to-play multiplayer games across various platforms, with many fans of the titles holding out hopes for a collaboration or crossover event between the two. While the lack of such an event remains a sad tale for the hopeful, there are more similarities between the games than one may anticipate, especially between a handful of characters from each title, with their designs striking an uncanny resemblance.

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Undoubtedly, this will happen occasionally in the video games industry – that’s the joys of character design, especially in live service games that release such frequent cosmetics. However, there are a few matchups where these two characters could appear to be related! Without further ado, here are 10 Fortnite skins we spotted with a strong visual similarity to Overwatch 2 characters.

Widowmaker (Overwatch) & Arachne (Fortnite)

Widowmaker from Overwatch and Arachne from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

That’s right; Overwatch isn’t the only game sporting a spooky spider lady, Fortnite’s Arachne also follows the same concept. While Arachne is wearing a much more monochrome bodysuit complete with red accents in contrast to Widowmaker’s strong lavender and purple tones, there are a few similarities in the outfits, such as the inclusion of prominent shoulder pads, venomous-looking arm guards, and a skin tone that resembles the undead.

Lastly, the defining feature that brings these two together is the shared visor-like helmet that both Widowmaker and Arachne have equipped on their heads. Both of these have visor patterns resembling the eyes of a spider, linking these cold-blooded ladies to the eight-legged creepy crawlies that inspired them.

Bastion (Overwatch) & Kitbash (Fortnite)

Bastion from Overwatch and Kitbash from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Bweep-Bwoop! Bastion has become a familiar face in the Overwatch universe, and this Fortnite character would be the perfect best friend for the friendly Omnic. Kitbash is a bot buddy who, unlike Bastion’s E54 model, is created from what appears to be a lot of scrap metal and spare parts. However, his pose very much mimics the gentle nature of Bastion, with Kitbash pointing towards a little banana peel alien on his shoulder, similar to how Bastion loves to hold his little bird buddy, Ganymede.

Who knows, maybe Kitbash is just a long-lost Junkertown scrapheap build replica inspired by the E54 model. After all, they are well-known for hating and despising Omnics over there, so I couldn’t blame him for running out of Overwatch and into a whole new game completely!

Pumpkin Reaper (Overwatch) & Hollowhead (Fortnite)

Reaper's Pumpkin skin in Overwatch and Hollowhead from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Remember that classic scene in The Nightmare Before Christmas when Jack Skellington tore through Halloween Town with a pumpkin head, showing off his title as the Pumpkin King? Both character concepts showcase this same energy, with Overwatch’s Reaper and Fortnite’s Hollowhead sporting similar sentient jack-o-lantern heads in a Halloween-oriented visual.

The most satisfying comparison between the two is not the muted color palettes on each character’s outfit, consisting of grays, blacks, and small washes of crimson red. Instead, it’s those haunting, illuminated, glowing eyes – nothing screams Halloween terror quite like this. You can’t convince me that these two wouldn’t sneak around in the night stealing candy and spooking locals for fun in true pumpkin chaos.

Genji (Overwatch) & Omega (Fortnite)

Genji from Overwatch and Omega from Fornite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

I don’t know about you, but this cyborg ninja combo looks like double trouble! Is Omega secretly a long-lost member of the Shimada clan who suffered the same fate as poor Genji? Or is he just a huge fanboy (and potential cosplayer) of the Japanese hero who’s built his outfit to mimic his idol? Either way, the similarities between these two are undeniable.

Sure, Omega’s cyborg body is quite different from Genji’s, showcasing a futuristic, black and orange color palette compared to the younger Shimada’s muted grays and silvers. However, that damn helmet makes Omega look like a mega Overwatch enthusiast, appearing as a strange yet oddly successful mashup of Genji and Reinhardt’s helmets. (Seriously, make the comparison yourself; I’m sure you’ll see it).

Mercy (Overwatch) & Ark (Fortnite)

Mercy from Overwatch and Ark from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

I know Mercy developed futuristic healing technology, but nobody told me she also unlocked the ability to clone herself! Fortnite’s Ark appears to be Mercy’s long-lost sibling, with both of these angelic women carrying many similarities in their designs’ visual elements. Of course, a battle angel character concept is quite simplistic on the surface, so there is little surprise in the familiar features these two share.

Both characters wear a color palette consisting of white and light, warm colors, such as gold, yellow, and orange, with dark gray/back accents scattered throughout their clothing. Both ladies have a dress-like outfit with subtle armor elements and are complete with a halo and wings. They both even have strands of hair framing their face to give a softer look to the character. I’m convinced they’re two peas in a pod. Does this mean I can get double the healing?

Ashe (Overwatch) & Calamity (Fortnite)

Ashe from Overwatch and Calamity from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Uh-oh, I sense a shootout coming from opposing cowgirl bosses! While Calamity’s hot pink locks may set her aside from Ashe’s snowy white bob cut, these two have more in common than what can be observed visually. In fact, Ashe’s full name is Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe, but she is very well known by the alias ‘Calamity’ (presumably with ties to her Deadlock gang), establishing a strange clash between the two Westerners. There’s no way this town is big enough for two Calamity’s!

Furthermore, Fortnite’s Calamity shares many similarities to the visuals shown in Ashe’s original concept art, such as the more olive skin tone, the bandanna scarf covering her mouth, and the iconic leather jacket. If one intimidating scarlet gaze isn’t enough to make you feel threatened, then the possibility of these two teaming up with B.O.B. to back them up will do the trick. The Deadlock Gang would surely be unstoppable! Cole Cassidy, who?

Nevermore Reaper (Overwatch) & Raven (Fortnite)

Reaper's Nevermore skin in Overwatch and Raven from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Reaper finds another counterpart through his Nevermore cosmetic and the mirroring Raven character skin for Fortnite. These dark and mysterious individuals sport purple and black color palettes, complete with heavy themes of feathers and piercing, glowing purple eyes. While Raven’s avian-like elements are indicated by his name and the feathers attached to his shoulder pelt and belt, Reaper’s look is complete with the swapping of his barn owl mask for a dark bird skull, making him look like a mix between a spooky plague doctor and a literal omen of death.

As the title of these cosmetics indicates, both of these skins appear to be inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’ poem, where a raven murmurs the word ‘nevermore’ in repetition. Technically, does this make them brothers from another universe? I sure like to think so; I imagine they’d get along rather well. They both give off a specific vibe of being such edgelords that it becomes cringe, but this doesn’t matter. These bird brains are completely lovable anyway.

Nutcracker Zenyatta (Overwatch) & Crackshot (Fortnite)

Zenyatta's Nutcracker skin in Overwatch and Crackshot from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Nothing screams Christmas Holidays like the classic Nutcracker tale, so there’s no surprise that Overwatch and Fortnite have released cosmetics around this theme. I don’t know what it is, but something about these two doesn’t sit right with me. They’re less ‘joy to the world‘ and more ‘I’m gonna getcha’ – I don’t know if it’s Zenyatta’s soulless eyes, or Crackshot’s horrific mouth, sporting a horror movie-worthy grin (or grimace? I really can’t tell). Still, something about these two is seriously unnerving. They look like they belong together, planning to take over Toy Story and take it to the dark side.

While these two live in a concept where tis’ the season for giving, the only thing these creatures give me is nightmares. Unfortunately, I’m forever haunted by the irrational fear that these two beings will somehow come to life and hunt me down. Merry Christmas to me, I guess?

Hayseed Junkrat (Overwatch) & Hay Man (Fortnite)

Junkrat's Hayseed skin in Overwatch and Hay Man in Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Brring! Did somebody call for a scarecrow? Both titles have lovely specimens to offer, with Junkrat’s Hayseed skin in Overwatch and the beloved Hay Man cosmetic from Fortnite. Nothing screams classic, cheesy Halloween madness like the evil scarecrow that comes to life. These ghoulish beings have Halloween-oriented color palettes, showing off bright oranges, yellows, reds, and purples. Oh, and of course, there are plenty of stitches, clothing patches, and hay hair for these lads to complete their look as legendary crop protectors.

If Junkrat stumbled across Fortnite’s fellow Hay Man, there’s no doubt he’d be excited and amused by his mirroring appearance, wanting to befriend him. The only question is, would Hay Man be up for all the explosions and troublemaking? Or would he take the chaotic Junker under his wing, teaching him the way of the ‘crow?

Jet Soldier: 76 (Overwatch) & Verge (Fortnite)

Soldier 76's Jet skin in Overwatch and Verge from Fortnite
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment & Epic Games via Twinfinite

Doppelganger, I’ve got you in my sights! Unfortunately for Fortnite’s poor Verge character, he looks somewhat like an Overwatch fanboy showing off his Walmart cosplay of Soldier: 76’s Jet skin. While Verge successfully portrays a combat soldier theme with his tactical clothing and assault vest, carrying subtle similarities to Soldier: 76’s dark leathers, the real resemblance falls in the faces of these two.

While Soldier is equipped with a high-quality tactical visor, Verge is stuck with a face mask and shades shaped like ski goggles. This is quite sad for the poor dude, who probably wishes he had the same high-tech equipment. However, the similar hair color and style also draw these back together, with Verge holding such a resemblance that he could be mistaken for a young Jack Morrison. Now he needs the grumpy old guy personality to complete the look! Come on, don’t lie – you totally want to hear Verge’s best impression of ‘young punks…get off my lawn!’

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