Five Nights at Freddy's Markiplier
Image Credit: Markiplier on YouTube

Top 13 Best Spooky Streamers to Watch Over Halloween

Trick or treat!

Halloween is usually a time of costume parties, trick or treating, or hiding under the covers while watching scary movies! But what if you want something a bit different this year? If you are alone this Halloween and are planning an evening in with just the ghosts and ghouls as company, we have the perfect thing for you. Twitch and YouTube are full of fun streamers who play some creepy, scary, and spooky games which are both fun to watch and play! Our list below offers 13 of the best spooky streamers to check out over the Halloween season. Grab a cup of pumpkin-spiced cocoa and let’s dive in.

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From the strange to the sublime, we have every ghoulish gamer you will ever need to see! It should go without saying that these streams are strictly 18+ as they are adult games played by adult streamers. You have been warned!

Our list is full of friendly, fun, and chatty gamers who stream or post videos regularly. They are all equally excellent and have similarly sweet and supportive communities so if you are lacking company then there is no better place to go. Check out this list and find some like-minded people paying the games you love.


unholeh dead by daylight spooky streamer
Image Credit: Unholeh on Twitch

First up we have Australian streamer Unholeh, a talented make up artist, gamer, and Satanist. Unholeh plays mainly Dead By Daylight, but has been known to dip her toes into other titles once in a blue moon. Her stream is a safe space for anyone with anxiety as well as the LGBTQ+ community, and her zero tolerance attitude to trolls is refreshingly fierce.

Unholeh’s Twitch streams are perfect for anyone who wants to be in the company of kind and friendly people while watching a Survivor main show you how it’s really done. As a Nea and Elodie main, Unholeh has managed to 4% off the hook right in the Killer’s face more than a few times!

Find Unholeh on Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.


noms spooky streamer  mortuary assistant
Image Credit: Noms on Twitch

Noms is a fantastic community gamer from Australia who plays a huge variety of games. His main loves are horror games and the occasional round of Fortnite. Noms is all about viewer interaction and his chat is full of funny and friendly folk. He loves a laugh with anyone in chat and really seems to enjoy every moment in-game, even when he’s being spooked by a ghost in Mortuary Assistant, or hunted by Johnny in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

If you need good laughs, and the chance to join in with community games, then Noms is your guy. He recently did a Friday the 13th 13-hour Spookathon where he was dressed as Sadako from The Ring and played every spooky game imaginable in a torturous long, black wig. Highly recommended if you love gamers who don’t take themselves or the games too seriously.

Find Noms on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram.


spookyloopz dead by daylight
Image Credit: SpookyLoopz on Twitch

SpookyLoopz is a dedicated Fog Whisperer, one of the almost 60 official Dead By Daylight influencers to stream online. As you can imagine, his gameplay is cracked and his streams are not only entertaining but informative! If you are looking to get into Dead By Daylight then watching his streams will give you a good idea of what it’s all about. SpookyLoopz is all about bad jokes and brilliant gameplay, and his community has a really welcoming vibe.

His little stream buddy (and subject of his sub-only emotes) is Patrick the Ghost, a cute but spooky spirit! So if you are just getting into Dead By Daylight, or you need some great tips from a master, then SpookyLoopz is worth a watch. He occasionally picks up Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Mortuary Assistant for a bit of variety too. He streams full time so there will be plenty of opportunity to catch one of his streams over Halloween.

Find SpookyLoopz on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.


Five Nights at Freddy's Markiplier
Image Credit: Markiplier on YouTube

Superstar streamer, Markiplier, is an icon of the gaming world so we will be surprised if you have never heard of him. He is an absolute favorite of many gamers as his 35.6 million subscribers will attest to! He doesn’t stream so much any more but we won’t let that small detail keep him off our list as his YouTube channel is chock-full of creepy, scary, and spooky gaming videos. Markiplier covers strange horror games such as Five Nights At Freddy’s and the utterly bizarre Skibidi.EXE, but also finds himself exploring darker titles like the Amnesia series and Mystery Flesh Pit.

If you are looking for gameplay of a variety of horror games narrated by a velvet-voiced funny man then we highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel. Markiplier loves exploring the weird and wonderful in all corners of the gaming world so his huge back catalogue of spooky videos will keep you amused all through Halloween night!

Find Markiplier on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.


black kid flash twitch bramble king
Image Credit: BlackKidFlash on Twitch

BlackKidFlash streams regularly on Twitch and plays a range of horror games like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dead By Daylight, and Parasocial. He recently tried out Bramble: The Mountain King which it is fair to say surprised and horrified him! He’s super friendly and chatty, and makes every community member feel a part of the family.

We love BlackKidFlash’s streams on Twitch for his positivity and great attitude. If you need a friendly face and a good conversation this spooky season then jump into a BlackKidFlash stream! His community is super sweet and supportive so you may even make a few new friends. Even watching past streams is worth your time just for the playful energy and many laughs.

Find BlackKidFlash on Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube.


decentstudios twitch dead by daylight
Image Credit: DecentStudios on Twitch

Passionate musician and gamer, DecentStudios, loves a huge variety of games and regularly switches up between titles. His main love is Dead By Daylight but he also hits up some great cozy games like Stardew Valley and Palia and the occasional horror like Graveyard Keeper or Dead Space. His streams are funny, friendly, with a decent splash of gentle roasting (with love, of course). As long as everyone is respectful of other people’s boundaries then all is well in DecentStudio’s streams.

It is recommended that you are armed with some high level dad jokes when you jump into a stream. But be warned: they will be judged! If you want a good-vibes-only type stream full of giggles and games then this is where you should be.

Find DecentStudios on Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.


reanimateher twitch
Image Credit: ReAnimateHer on Twitch

Twitch’s resident horror aficionado, ReAnimateHer brings something a bit different to the table. She will not only play horror games like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday The 13th, but she hosts regular Just Chatting sessions called Terror Talks and Coffee Chat of Horrors. These chats are fun, fascinating, and frightening! ReAnimateHer chats about everything horror, from spooky games to scary movies.

We recommend ReAnimateHer for anyone who is obsessed with horror movies, scary games, and real life creepy stories. She gives a great mix of behind the scenes exposés of movies and games, and great gaming sessions of many different horror titles. If you want to be part of a community who are as passionate about horror as you are then ReAnimateHer’s chat will be your home away from home.

Find ReAnimateHer on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.


dansgaming twitch spooky streamer
Image Credit: DansGaming on Twitch

DansGaming is a horror game enthusiast on Twitch who plays a huge range of scary games like the Condemned series, Silent Hill, and Demonologist. He’s currently in the middle of his 12th annual Horror Month 24/7 Marathon where he plays every horror title he can possibly find. He’s a popular streamer so his chat is filled with hundreds of likeminded people enjoying his horror game content.

If you’re looking for variety this spooky month then DansGaming is the stream for you. One minute he will be playing Phantasmagoria, and the next it will be Pumpkin Panic. You will never suffer through a dull moment! This is a great stream to join if you want less pressure to chat and interact but want to just sit back and relax, and enjoy the chaos and scares!

Find DansGaming on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


sharkie twitch spooky streamer
Image Credit: Sharkie on Twitch

Sharkie is a funny Aussie streamer with a friendly community who plays a bunch of weird horror games and tests out different demos. The games he has been playing during spooky month include Teleforum, The Lacerator, Pine Harbour, and The Telephone, and that’s not even half of them! For someone who plays scary games, Sharkie sure does get surprised easily by jump-scares and monsters.

This is the stream for you if you love a warm and friendly community, fart jokes, and hilarious jump-scares! Sharkie and his streams give a cozy night in vibe combined with scary games you probably haven’t tried before. Sharkie hosts some great Just Chatting sessions where he chats with the community and has a good laugh with everyone who joins.

Find Sharkie on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.


missooky twitch spooky stream
Image Credit: MissOoky on Twitch

MissOoky is, in her own words “a totally normal, bit Welsh, 100% hooman who contains chins!” So, yeah, she may just be on another planet. Her stream welcomes every other totally 100% human person; you don’t have to be Welsh or even have chins, you just have to be friendly and respectful. MissOoky plays a variety of horror games including Observer: System Redux, Ad Infinitum, and Limbo, and she also shows off her artistic skills with body art and sketching.

If you love a chaotic whirlwind of chat and giggles from a bubbly gamer then you will definitely want to check out MissOoky. The best streams are when she speed runs games almost as fast as she speaks! MissOoky has claimed October, sorry Ooktober, as her own and is doing some epic 12-hour streaming marathons. She’s the perfect company for an ooky-spooky evening in!

Find MissOoky on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.


resident evil orchlon
Image Credit: Orchlon on Twitch

Orchlon is a record-holding Resident Evil expert from Mongolia who plays every title at the highest possible level. He regularly speed-runs the titles with ease for fun. His hyper-fixation on games means he plays them until he becomes the absolute best which is both impressive and mildly intimidating. Did I mention he is a world record holder? Orchlon holds the world record for Resident Evil 3 Classic and the remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and the hardest children’s game ever: The Lion King on Sega Genesis.

Watch Orchlon’s streams for the pure, unadulterated speed and precision at which he plays the RE titles! His chat is fun and friendly but honestly you will probably be too transfixed on his gaming skills to even bother looking. He streams five nights a week so don’t worry about missing a stream!

Find Orchlon on Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.


deadlykitten twitch spooky streamer
Image Credit: DeadlyKitten on Twitch

DeadlyKitten is a young Aussie streamer who loves multiplayer horror games. She has been playing strictly Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dead By Daylight recently but won’t be adverse to picking up another spooky title now and again. Her main passions in life are spooky things, naps, and her beloved pets so if she seems like your kind of person then jump into her stream this month!

Deadly Kitten’s community is good fun and really friendly so you will feel part of the family pretty quickly. She doesn’t take her games too seriously and is so much fun to watch — just don’t be a backseat gamer! DeadlyKitten streams four days a week so make sure you catch a couple of her streams during spooky month.

Find DeadlyKitten on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


polycypher twitch
Image Credit: PolySypher on Twitch

PolySypher is a gamer who mainly specializes in Dead By Daylight and Texas Chainsaw Massacre but also dabbles in other titles from time to time. He’s recently played a bit of Lies of P, Security Booth, and Traffic. He’s a chill streamer who plays with others on voice chat a lot so you get some pretty exciting gameplay. He mixes up his play between killer/family and survivor/victims so it is never a dull moment!

If you want to watch a stream of smart and savvy gameplay then PolySypher is your guy. He’s a pretty good streamer to watch if you wanna try to get into one of the titles he plays regularly as he chats a lot about gameplay and bugs. If you have questions about the game, his chat are always there to discuss it too and they’re a great crowd to hang with.

Find PolySypher on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

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